How Gamers Can Get More Bang for Their Buck

In the United States and Canada, people spend a massive amount on playing video games. A chart about the annual gaming spend in the United States in 2017 revealed that gamers in the region spent $36 billion on games during the year. Most of this figure went towards purchasing content (games as well as DLC and microtransactions), followed by money spent on new hardware and then money spent on new accessories.

While most gamers enjoy spending so much time and money on their hobby, there are ways that they can get more bang for their buck. By being a bit price savvy, they can make their money go farther.

Game Bonuses

One way that gamers can save money is by taking advantage of game bonuses. While you may want to spend full price on a game that you like the look of, you can often get some extra freebies (such as XP boosts or free plays) by doing your research.

The bonuses offered will depend on the type of game and genre that you’re playing. For example, the online casino industry offers several types of casino bonus, including free spins on slot games just for signing up to a casino with no deposit. There are deposit bonuses, however, which will give you more money to play with, in addition to what you’ve already deposited with that casino. There are all kinds of welcome offers available if you have a look, which can extend to any genre of gaming, with free weekends and double-XP events available for those willing to look for them.

Game Subscription Services

Video game subscription services solve two problems. For gamers, you don’t want to spend so much on buying new games. For developers, it can be very difficult to promote your game when you are competing with thousands of other titles in your genre. By subscribing to a game subscription service, you can address both of these things, getting a discount on quality games and discovering your new favorite thing.

There are quite a few subscription services available, but one of the most popular is called Humble Monthly from Humble Bundle. It costs around $12 a month, and for that you’ll get a handful of top games each month. You won’t know what most of the games are until the games have been sent out to subscribers, but there are some early unlock games, with these often being popular and well-known titles.

Game Streaming Services

Another solution to the issue of finding and playing games in a more affordable way is by using game streaming services. If you have a strong enough internet connection, you can sign up and stream all kinds of games to your device, saving money compared to the price you’d pay to buy them outright.

Services like the Xbox GamePass offer access to a huge library of games for a monthly fee. Xbox One exclusive games like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves are also added to the service on launch day. If you want to buy a game outright then you can, but services like these are great for people who play a lot of games each year.

Gamers do spend a lot of money, but they’re also known for being tech and price-savvy. With apps, services and websites helping you to save money, it’s ideal for gamers thinking about their personal finance.