How Cost Effective Are Support Services to Your Delivery Service?

These days, it’s vital for businesses to ensure their delivery service meets the high demand of its customers. A poor delivery service can result in a loss of customers, a bad business reputation and a potential loss of profits. Therefore, if your business is looking to improve its delivery service, it may be worthwhile looking into delivery support services.

While they may be a little costlier, in the long-term, support services can be extremely cost effective. Here, you’ll find out why.

Helping to meet customer demand

What customers want from their delivery service has changed dramatically over the years. Now, it’s not only important to ensure your deliveries are shipped out quickly and efficiently, but it’s also important to go that extra mile.

A 2015 survey revealed that 66% of shoppers questioned, had opted to buy goods from a retailer because its range of delivery options were considered better. Over half of the respondents also claimed they had abandoned a shopping experience after learning the delivery options weren’t good enough.

So, this highlights just how important it is to give your customers numerous delivery options. But what exactly are they looking for?

Which support services should you invest in?

There’s numerous support services on offer so you need to consider which are more likely to appeal to your customers. Generally speaking, one of the most important services you should consider adding to your delivery service is tracking.

While companies such as Whistl UK Limited, offer both tracked and untracked options, the tracked service is definitely going to appeal more to your customers. Why? Because it provides peace of mind that they’ll not only receive their item, but they’ll know exactly when they’re going to receive it too.

The ability to track the parcel is also beneficial to you too. It eliminates the risk the customer can lie and say they never received the parcel. Without tracking, you’d have no way of confirming this, but with tracking you can see exactly where the parcel is and whether it was delivered.

Another support service that can prove cost-effective is specific time slot deliveries. This could be next day, same day or even one-hour delivery slots.

Overall, support services can prove to be more cost-effective in the long term, increasing customer satisfaction and improving your overall delivery service. So, if you haven’t yet invested in services such as tracking and next day delivery, now is the time to think about doing so.