Five Affordable Ways To Explore The UK

The United Kingdom is a surprisingly varied and vast country for such a small island. Wherever you go, there are various new experiences to be had. From the constantly different cities to the beautiful rolling countryside, exploring the UK can be a very rewarding decision.

If you’re looking or considering doing such, then there are many ways to do this. Here are five methods of travelling and exploring the UK on an affordable budget:

By train

The main form of public transport, trains connect all major cities and destinations in the UK. If you’re smart and plan ahead, you can often buy cheaper train tickets by booking in advance.

The benefits of trains are that you can travel in relative comfort, without the fatigue of driving. However, it can get expensive depending on how often you travel. On the plus side, most towns have a station, so most locations are within easy reach.

By car

Of course, there are more roads than rails, so a car or other motor vehicle can give you more flexibility. You’re not set to train schedules and you have more freedom in terms of when and where you go.

On the downside, there is no chance to stretch to legs and long car journeys can be stressful for drivers and passengers alike. Regular breaks are needed, and this can lengthen your travel time.

By caravan

Both flexible and affordable, caravanning offers you the ability to travel wherever you want without having to worry about accommodation. Most major locations will have some form of caravan park, so parking up is never really an issue.

Whilst you will need the costs of maintaining a caravan (usually some sort of caravan insurance), and, in most cases, a car, this is offset by the amount of money you save from the likes of accommodation and transport.

By boat

A fading, traditional option, the likes of canal boats and barges offer a unique way to explore the UK. Canal boats can be hired fairly cheaply; however, this is often offset by the costs of running and maintaining the boat (if you own it yourself that is).

Likewise, you are severely limiting yourself to the canal networks. Whilst this offers a combination of city life and the outlying countryside, you are still limited in your travel options.

By foot

Perhaps the least recommended, travelling by foot can save a lot of money. You can still use public transport but walking where possible will reduce costs.

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to explore large regions of the UK by foot but this is a great way to get to grips with your local area. Alternatively, you can use one of the above methods to reach your chosen destination before utilising the power of your legs for the remainder of your stay. There is little better than a relaxing stroll around the UK’s quaint and picturesque towns and, by travelling on foot, you’ll be able to set the pace and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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