Finding You the Best Deals on Major Life Necessities June 2019

Once you become a (responsible) adult, there are few things that you must be willing to invest in for your long-term well-being. It could be a season or setting appropriate clothes, kitchenware, mattress, vitamins, gym memberships, cars, etc.

Our tastes and needs only grow fancy which conflicts with our attempts to minimize our spending to save more as our income increases. Bargain shopping and deal-hunting are mentally and physically exhausting so we did the work for you.

Here are some deals you can take advantage of today.

Health Fund

The end of the fiscal year is when the deals and promotions are the most prevalent. Health funds offer the highly-coveted sign-up discounts and offers during this time so if you were thinking about getting a private health fund or switching to a new one, now is the time.

Some offer cost reduction (direct monetary value) and others offer rewards or waiver of waiting periods. So take your pick!

Memory-Foam Mattress

Time to upgrade your mattress? Are you getting tired of feeling sore or restless when you wake up? The older we get, the more vital our sleep schedule and quality impact the overall quality of our life. With 1 in 3 Australians struggling with at least mild insomnia, understanding how we set up our bed to accommodate our body types and sleep patterns is a much-underrated task.

If you’ve been following the trends, memory foam mattresses have gained popularity because they adjust their firmness and support to fit your optimal sleep positions. In addition, making sure that the mattress and bedding are high-quality reduces the risk of dust mites, overheating in your sleep, and allergies.

A great mattress is an absolute necessity for your long-term well-being and Ecosa, a popular memory foam mattress brand that offers 15 year warranty period, is offering customers Ecosa discount codes on a wide range of their products!

Clothes and Other Retailers

Again thanks to the end of the fiscal year, many retailers are offering jaw-dropping discounts to get their inventories out of the stores. Certain non-Australian online brands are also pushing promotional deals to kick off their summer (while we are shivering away here) campaigns.


Coles recently launch delivery services to customers through UberEats to make grocery shopping way less painful. So get your grocery list for the month and take advantage of their promotion for $25 off your first order + free delivery (code: ONLINE25).

If you want to get easy meal-kit deliveries to avoid grocery shopping altogether, Marley Spoon is offering various discounts until the end of July. There are new ones popping up almost every month so check in regularly to find the best deals on meal-kits!

Car Insurance

Similar to health insurance, car insurance deals are also prevalent around fiscal year-end. They are often more aggressive (higher discount) in their offers so it’s a great time to maximize your savings.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a responsible adult may sometime becomes a real struggle to some. Responsible Adults don’t just pertain to how you can manage your time, but of course, manage your money as well. And the list of deals above can help you take your first step into being a responsible adult and save up a lot of money by using these deals.