How to End splurging and Start spending the right way


If only we can just wave a magic wand that will solve our financial woes, right? Alas, there is no magic that will chase away the trouble we have with stopping our wild expenditures and start saving the right way.

The first thing to do in starting your Journey to saving money is…

You must first need to admit to yourself that you have a serious issue that needs personal intervention. I know this is easier said than done, but necessary otherwise. You can use concrete measures to help in keeping your spending in check and improve your financial habits.

It may not be pretty but it’s worth it.

Start a budget or improve on your existing one. Assessing what you’re currently bringing in in contrast to your spending habit is the crucial first step. You need to see how much you’re spending on things like electronics, clothes, and other times. It can be the wake-up call you need as well.

How to start your money-saving journey?

Use cash instead of cards.

Utilizing cash-only system allows you to force yourself to follow-up through your plan. This means that if the money runs out, it’s time to stop spending more than the necessities. One technique is to collect all of your spendings, put labels in different envelopes and label them based on how much you allocate for a certain expenditure.

Forget that your credit cards exist.

Sounds childish, but this method works wonders if you manage to pull it off.  When shopping anywhere, there’s no greater convenience than to buy things and hold out your card to pay, in a few seconds you’re spending more than necessary.

Prefer cheaper entertainment.

Most people who want to stop wasting their money stop because they think that it means no longer being able to have fun or hang out with friends. This isn’t true. It’s understandable that you won’t be able to splurge on that cruise or eat at buffet restaurants anymore, but you can continue being social and live a full life by choosing more affordable options.

Put things into context.

Now is the right time to stop thinking about spending in a different contest. When faced with a potential unnecessary purchase, try comparing it to other more useful things that you can get instead of that item for the same money. In this way, you can put things into perspective and hopefully choose the one that matters more.

Set an investment goal.

Having a goal matters greatly when starting to learn how to spend less and starting to invest in the right things – there are many potential investments that you can take. If you’re a young adult with a steady source of finance, then choosing to purchase a home can be the right choice. This goes the same if you’ve just become an empty nester or a senior looking to acquire a smaller home in the right community.

Of course, it isn’t likely to completely reform bad spending habits overnight. However, acknowledging that you have problems and making a conscious effort to stopping them, you’ll be on your way to a better tomorrow. Slowly does it, you’ll be glad you started.

As stated in the last point, you need to have a goal that you can use as a beacon when you start. Make it visual and more compelling by checking out house and land for sale in Jordan Springs community by Lendlease for example. The fresh, yet classically inspired urban design of Jordan Springs East combines the charm of village life with quick access to the convenience of modern living.


Saving money depends on how serious and disciplined are you in terms of splurging and saving. Many people find it difficult to balance their personal needs and wants, and that also depends on whether you really need it or not. Ask yourself if you really need or you really just want it, if you just want it, start to think of every possible way to limit your wants and start focusing on what you really need and what your priorities are because if you won’t start now, when? Don’t let time decide – do that for you and your family’s future.