Distinctions of Currency and Other Types of Trading

Currency trading includes the selling and buying of different world currencies. The market allows currency trading in volume. The foreign exchange (forex) represents the biggest financial market of the world, and over $5 trillion are traded daily in worldwide currencies.

There are some risks associated with trading. Constantly fluctuating currency values, leverage, external market forces, and light regulations make an environment that continues to challenge forex traders.

Additionally, there are different types of investments as well as different risk levels when it comes to trading. Thus, to be successful in currency trading, people must conservatively trade and implement some levels of risk management simultaneously.

Investing in Iraqi Currency

Investing in Iraqi currency is definitely one way to go with currency trading. One reason why investors should get involved with Iraqi currency is due to it being at a low-cost price point. A United States dollar, for instance, is worth $1, 192.96 in IQD. Secondly, the revaluation of an Iraqi dinar appears to be realistic. Once the situation of the gap between the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar is not as extreme due to the dinar being revalued, you can sell your dinars for a profit. Another good thing about Iraqi currency investing includes the future of it looking economically good based on its economic advancing.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are fairly new in trading, but this type of trading is gaining much traction among traders due to their highly profitable potential. Cryptocurrency trading is similar to forex trading; however, cryptocurrency includes the buying and selling of cryptos, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, instead of the buying and selling of fiat currencies, such as Euros or US dollars.

It only takes two main aspects to trade cryptocurrency which include at least one cryptocurrency exchange and at least one cryptocurrency wallet. Virtual coins are stored in the cryptocurrency wallet, and the selling/buying of cryptos is referred to as the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Other Important Aspects About Trading

There are also other important distinctions about currency trading. Six distinctions about currency trading are as follows:

  1. One distinction is that currency trading doesn’t take place on a regulated exchange like the options, futures, and stocks do.
  2. Forex Trading (FX) doesn’t have commissions. FX is not exchange-based markets but is only a principals’ market. Investors must know this because they can’t try to sell at the offer or buy on a bid like they could with exchange-based markets, but there are no commissions or additional fees once the price clears the cost.
  3. Another distinction is the percentage in point (Pip) in forex trading. This is the FX smallest trade increment.
  4. The currency market is a speculative market in which there is no physical currency exchange. All trades include computer entries that are dependent on the market price.
  5. The majority of retail dealers trade the seven most liquid currency pairs of the world that include the four majors: EUR/USD (euro/dollar), USD/JPY (dollar/Japanese yen), GBP/USD (British pound/dollar), and USD/CHF (dollar/Swiss franc). The three commodity pairs include the AUD/USD (Australian dollar/dollar), the USD/CAD (dollar/Canadian dollar), and the NZD/USD (New Zealand dollar/dollar. )

Some retail dealers trade the Czech koruna, the Thai baht, or other exotic currencies.

  1. There is such a thing called the currency carry trade which is the currency market’s most popular trade practiced by the smallest retail speculators and the largest hedge funds. With the carry trade, the trader goes for a long time while the finances with a currency maintain a low-interest rate and the currency has a high-interest rate.


Currency trading includes the selling and buying of different world currencies, and the market allows currency trading in volume. And even though there are some risks with currency trading, there are ways to become very successful in this and other types of investing. With learning and applying the fundamentals, you can take great advantage with this investment.