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It is funny how sometimes something so mundane and boring like saving money can suddenly become fun, creative and even change one’s perspective on spending. No, I am not a reborn saver. I am still an impulsive spender, but something has changed me. Just a little bit.

Suddenly, instead of getting my favorite latte every day, I bring my own coffee and skip trips to my favorite coffee shop, and save $10. If I am in a mall and talk myself out of buying a pair of shoes, I save another $50. Now, before I act on my impulses, I ask myself: how bad do I want this? Sometimes I need want it bad, and I spend money. I am a spender, after all. But sometimes I say “Nah, I don’t really need it,” and then I save.

The interesting thing is that after I make those important saving decisions, people whom I don’t even know cheer, encourage and support me. Are you wondering what I am talking about? ImpulseSave!

What is ImpulseSave?

ImpulseSave is a real savings account in a real bank. It employs the same high-grade encryption used by financial institutions and government agencies.  All your financial information is encrypted in transit, and in storage. Your money is held in your new FDIC-insured savings account.

This product opened for me a completely new way of saving. No, I take it back. This product showed me a new way of thinking about saving. You have to admit that saving is a hard, tedious, and never ending work. With ImpulseSave saving became not just easier, it became fun.

Now imagine, you entered a store and decided instead of spending money on something that you don’t need, to save it. You can transfer money into your ImpulseSave account right there, in that store, by using your phone. You can fire off a text message or you can use ImpulseSave’s new application. I prefer to use their app to control my impulse spending.

With ImpulseSave you are never alone in your saving endeavor. ImpulseSave is an interactive, community based online user interface. You see what other people are saving for, and you can support and encourage them! I saw people’s contributions towards their vacation funds, emergency fund, taxes, rent, furniture and so on. I myself have two goals. One is called “Repairs and Despairs,” and the other one is “Pay that Honda Off.” Enough said!

More About ImpulseSave

Click on the video below to get a better understanding of ImpulseSave.

How It Works from ImpulseSave on Vimeo.

Want to Become a Part of ImpulseSave?

It is a private site that is still in the beta phase. It is by invitation only.

I was extremely lucky to be invited to be a part of their initial testing phase. I’ve been using it for a while, and I absolutely love it.

Because I am using and loving it, I am hosting an ImpulseSave giveaway for my readers. I am giving you a chance to experience ImpulseSave and join its exclusive site.

ImpulseSave was kind enough to create a specific entry page just for My Broken Coin readers. There will be no need to request invites, you will be able to enter instantly to ImpulseSave and start activating your account immediately.


Please note: you have only 24 hours to enter. The page will be deactivated after 7:00 AM MT Saturday morning.

Disclosure: I am NOT getting paid for this review. I am NOT getting paid for offering my readers this special opportunity to become an ImpulseSave member. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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