I never thought about feminism as a movement or even as a word till the year I moved to the U.S. In 2000 a clueless me joined the Women’s Studies program because I won a scholarship. Back then I did not know that Women’s Studies was not the most popular program at the university, and… (37 comments)

Beaker talks about Women’s Liberation movement, what manhood means, and explains why he is okay with me making more money than he does. My story “Why I Lied About Money” made him want to write this post. This is his point of view… I truly believe that we are a product of our environment. I grew… (26 comments)

Twelve years ago I arrived to the Salt Lake City International Airport with broken luggage (it was duct taped all over to hold my precious possessions) in hand, and two hundred dollars in my wallet. I came to America with great expectations and hope for a better future. I had a very vague idea about… (34 comments)

I am in bed, having the worst cold ever. Of course it is not the worst ever, it just feels that way. My head is stuffed and so is my brain. Instead of writing something informative, thought-provoking or self-bitching, I decided to write something that hopefully will give my readers a glimpse of who is… (53 comments)