5 Important Things to Know Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Many homeowners refinance their mortgages to get lower rates. However, that doesn’t mean refinancing is always the right choice for your finances.  If you’re considering refinancing your mortgage, look closely at the process before agreeing. To help you get started on making an informed choice, discover the top five things you should know before signing a …

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Can I Sue My Financial Advisor?

Understanding investments can be quite difficult for an average person, which is why many opt to put their investments in the hands of their stockbrokers and advisors. Unfortunately, sometimes the entrusted advisor causes you to suffer losses through acts of misconduct. However, the law has provided legal remedies to get you compensated for such losses. …

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Is Offshore Accounting Legal?

According to the accounting firm MLLLP, as the term implies, an offshore bank account pertains to an account outside your country of residence. However, numerous instances in which politicians utilize offshore bank accounts to do all sorts of illegal activities occur. Considering that these activities frequently happen nowadays, it is not surprising that some people …

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