An Unlikely Place to Learn About Day Trading – Chat Rooms!

I’m going to start this off on a seemingly basic (and slightly frivolous) question: “Have you ever tried to learn anything on your own?”

Whether it’s guitar, a new sport or even investing. Learning on your own is hard. A lot of the time, there are lots of failures along the way. Don’t get me wrong – failure is fine. If you can afford it.

Some things are just too costly to start out learning on your own. Case in point: day trading.

Day trading is a very hard business to learn by trial and error. But that is precisely how many people get their start in the industry. And that is how more than 90% of traders lose money. When you first start, you literally do not know what you are doing. Like a fish out of water. 

So how do you get a day trading education to take your game to the next level? The profitable level? Here’s where things start to get interesting. Start with chat rooms.

Where do I find Day Trading Chat Rooms?

Day trading education sites are powerful tools for aspiring day traders. They can offer classes to learn the right strategies, paper trading simulators so you can practice. However, by and large, the best facility that these education sites offer are day trading chat rooms so you can find a community of like-minded people.

What’s the big deal about Chat Rooms?

I have one word for you: timeliness.

Chat rooms offer real, actionable trade alerts. As a day trader, you’ve got to be on time. A minute too late, and the best part of a trade could be over for you.

The best chat rooms are important for day traders that want to stay up to date on stocks that are about to make real leaps during the day. And you need chat rooms with breaking news headlines that can help you determine how to enter the market that day and what stocks to target.

Recaps and Reviews

Market recaps are an important part of experiencing chat rooms as well. At the end of each trading day it makes sense to take stock of what happened, why stocks moved a certain way throughout the day and what it might mean for the next day. It is all part of learning how to be a successful day trader.

You learn from Successful Traders

The real-time educations is such an important part of chat rooms. There are sites and trader out there that use their chat rooms as places to promote their DVDs and educational materials. But the best chat rooms are places were excellent traders are livestreaming their desktops and showing participants how to trade instead of telling them how to trade.

That over-the-shoulder education is very important to aspiring day traders. Learning to time your trades and implement the strategies is a very important part of day trading. So watching others do it can be much more valuable than reading an ebook or sitting in a class, learning about theoretical ways of doing things.

Other tools you’ll need in addition to Chat Rooms

Stock Scanners

One way of trading is to find stocks that are trending up or about to spike up and finding ways to jump on those stocks. That requires stock scanners to scour the market and provide good trading opportunities. Spending time in chat rooms allows you to learn how use those stock scanners to your advantage.

Simulated Trading Room

Beyond stock scanners, you need to spend time in a simulated trading room. Paper trading can give you the screen time you need in order to get better and more profitable at day trading. Trading on a simulated brokerage that executes trades and mimics the speed of the real market is essential when you want to learn how to implement real-world trading strategies. You can start your day trading education in chat rooms and continue to participate in chat rooms even when you are trading in a virtual environment. Chat rooms are a path to success for aspiring day traders.


The best way to learn fast is through a solid education. A solid education is informed, timely and practical. Thankfully, chat rooms tick all of these boxes. You get to learn from other successful traders right when the action is happening. With the addition of tools like stock scanners and simulated trading environments, you get to put what you learn into practice in a safe environment.

Yes, chat rooms for day trading gets my vote. All the best with your investing endeavors!