An Invaluable Tool: How Your Pickup Can Help You Earn Money

You’ve always wanted a pickup but you have to vindicate the purchase. If you could earn money from owning a truck, then you would not feel guilty about owning something you wanted rather than needed. However, if you start making money with you pickup, then you will need it! Here’s how to start the process.

Advertise on Wheels

You know that billboard outside of town you see each day? Businesses pay big bucks for that stationary piece of advertisement. What would they pay for a moving billboard, one that can be in the places where the business wants to expand awareness? Why not find out? Approach local businesses and ask if they would be interested in you advertising with a car magnet.

Clean a Restaurant or Office

Restaurants and business offices have cleaning codes to abide by. Some restaurants make workers attend to some duties but overnight cleaning is a necessity. Furthermore, offices need to be cleaned after each business day. Inquire about local needs and make a small investment in cleaning equipment. The space in the back of the pickup is more than suffice.

Move Personal and Business Items

People are moving for personal and commercial purposes all the time. Renting a Uhaul and hiring help is costly. If you’re willing to use your brawn and pickup, you could earn some serious cash helping homeowners and businesspeople move. You may want to consult the help of a lawyer who can explain reliability regarding the property of others.

Plough Snow

We’ve been exploring things to do in utilising the back of the truck, but let’s focus on its power. A RAM 3500 can play in the snow. Put a snow plough on the front and have your way with mounds of it. Make money clearing snow and ice away from residential and commercial driveways. Depending on the snowfall in your region of Canada, this can be a lucrative side income.

Spa and Cycle Delivery

This is a niche opportunity that could pay off well. Research spa and motorcycle suppliers in your area. Some will make sales but need to haggle with third party delivery services. If you can safely deliver goods in a timely fashion, you could win the clientele of those offering small to mid-size products in your area. Don’t forget about the possibility of delivering auto parts too.

Landscape Per Season

We’ve established the possibility of moving snow. But, you could provide a service for each season. Cut grass in the spring and summer, mulch and lay rock in the fall, and come back for occasional visits. If you have a day job, hire an assistant to work with the pickup.

Be a Taxi

Consider working for a service like Uber. Pick up others in your pickup and make steady side income in the process. Working for such provides flexibility. It may be as simple as using an app and alerting the service that you can take customers. However, space may be limited depending on your model of pickup.