American Express Credit Card: Everything You Need To Know Before Opening One

If you have read our blog, you will have known about the types of credit cards of the main franchises such as Visa and Mastercard. Now you’ll find out about the benefits of purchasing an American Express credit card.

Despite being the most basic card among American Express cards, you will have great benefits at your fingertips. P.s if you have no credit score and want to open one, make sure to read this article that talks in detail how to open no Credit Credit Cards

American Express Credit Card

Benefits and Services

With this card, your American Express Points will not have an expiration date and you will be able to obtain rewards in an easy and fast way, in addition, you will have protection to your purchases made with your American Express Card against damage and theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Likewise, with the VIP Passport membership, you will enjoy discounts, courtesies and exclusive access to the best events and restaurants in Colombia and Latin America. 

The points you earn for each purchase made with your credit card American Express will be valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. It is also possible to transfer points in guest plans, frequent flyers, obtaining airline tickets, hotel stays, and products from current catalogs. 

Purchase Protection

Avoid worries because all purchases made with your American Express Credit Card will be protected against damage and theft for up to 90 days after the purchase date.

For local and international purchases this benefit covers up to USD 1,000 per incident, i.e. USD 5,000 per year on covered items (purchased entirely with your American Express Card) either for personal use or gifts. As with the previous cards, don’t forget to see the terms of conditions and policy restrictions.

American Express Passport

This is a portal to the most exclusive benefits and experiences in terms of travel, entertainment, gastronomy, and shopping, in your country of residence and around the world. To learn more about these benefits click here.

Financial Flexibility

Thanks to its financial flexibility you will be able to defer your purchases at competitive rates whenever you need it or pay the entire monthly expenses.

VIP Passport 

Enjoying exclusive access, discounts and courtesies in the best events and restaurants in Colombia and Latin America, you will have the opportunity to meet with your family the best of gastronomy and other events. This thanks to the permanent discount of 15%, special benefits in more than 150 restaurants throughout the country, access to the pre-sale box office, preferential seats at music concerts, sports, festivals, and many other things more.

Travel Accident Insurance 

If you pay with your American Express Credit Card, you and your family group will be protected in case of accidental loss of life or dismemberment that occurs on public passenger transportation.  Those eligible for this benefit are American Express Cardholders, their legal spouses and dependent children, children under the age of 23 who reside with their parents and are full-time students. To access the coverage the Cardholder must have paid the full fare for public transportation with your American Express Card.

Advice in Travel Offices

As a cardholder, you have more than 2,200 travel service offices and American Express representatives around the world to receive travel-related care.

Platinum Card

With greater possibilities to travel around the world your life will be filled with new opportunities for you and those around you such as getting 2×1 miles on airlines, upgrade hotels, benefits in restaurants around the world and schedule American Express points of Bancolombia. 

Benefits and Services

In order to increase your purchasing power, you can acquire a revolving credit quota in legal currency, which can be used in foreign currency, from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000. Additionally, you have the Concierge Service of American Express as well as the American Express Blue that will open the doors for you to enjoy without worries; VIP lounges to have privileges in each one of your trips paid with this card because you will obtain without annual cost the Standard Priority PassTM Membership to have access to more than 700 VIP lounges in airports all over the world. Besides being a member of The Platinum Card you have access to the Airport Club and the other previous benefits such as American Express Points of Bancolombia, Personalized Service and Financial Flexibility. 

American Express Passport

With this card, you will be able to access the most outstanding benefits such as the International Restaurant Program, Benefits in Bloomingdales, Cadena Small Luxury Hotels and Universal Studios Lounge.  For more information click here. 

Financial Flexibility

In this case, unlike the previous card, you will be able to defer your purchases to one month without generating interest for up to 24 months.

Travel Accident Insurance

As with the American Express Blue credit card, you and your family group will be protected in the event of accidental loss of life or dismemberment that occurs on public passenger transportation. However, your American Express Platinum will have a maximum opening of up to USD $1,000,000.

Car Rental Insurance

If you wish to rent a vehicle and make the rental payment with your American Express Platinum credit card, you will be automatically protected in case of theft or damage to the rented vehicle. Remember that to access this benefit it is necessary to charge the total cost of the rental to your American Express Card and decline the full or partial CDW/LDW insurance offered by the rental company. The coverage will be in effect during the period included in the rental contract, this period must not exceed 31 consecutive days. This insurance does not cover personal injury, civil liability or personal effects, in addition, this insurance operates for reimbursement.

The benefit will not be available in the country of issuance of your American Express credit card. The maximum amount of coverage is USD $50,000. For more information consult the level of coverage.

Purchase this card to have more peace of mind on your travels and get automatic protection. 

With your American Express Gold credit card, you will be able to access the same benefits and services of the American Express Platinum, however, the Travel Accident Insurance, in this case, has a maximum coverage of up to USD $500,000. 

The best benefits to share as a family. 

Benefits and Services 

Unlike American Express Platinum and Gold cards, with your American Express Green, you can increase your purchasing power by purchasing a revolving credit limit from $3,000,000 to $15,000,000. It also includes the benefits and services of the previous cards. 

Double Scoring in Wellness Categories

Within this are drugstores and pharmacies, sporting goods stores, beauty and health spa’s, beauty salons/hairdressers, sale and repair of bicycles. 

Welcome Points Bonus

For purchasing the American Express Green credit card you can receive a Welcome Bonus of 2000 American Express Points. This only if you achieve a turnover of $2.000.000 during the first 6 months after the activation of your card. Please note that only the value of national, international, and wallet purchases will be taken into account. The Welcome Bonus applies to Cards issued after June 2015 and can only be awarded once. If you wish you can consult here the terms and conditions. 

Travel accident insurance 

Feel protected when paying with your American Express credit card because with the travel accident insurance that increases its coverage as you acquire a better one, for your American Express Green Card the maximum coverage will be up to USD $250,000.

Well, you already knew each of the cards that American Express has for you. As you saw this company is responsible for offering you greater benefits in terms of travel and cultural experiences, unlike Visa and Mastercard which have as their main objective the services and purchases. We hope these three articles have been useful to you if you are close to choosing your ideal credit card.