A Fun DIY Project – a Conservatory!

DIY – Do It Yourself.  It’s a mantra for many people every year, and for some it works well, but for others it doesn’t.  If you are considering a challenging, yet rewarding do it yourself project, you may want to try a DIY Conservatory, such as the ones offered by http://www.centuriondiyconservatories.com/.  They are the same thing that a professional would build, but they are designed for the do it yourself-er and are much cheaper!  Here are a few thoughts.

Why Build a Conservatory?

First, why would you considering building a conservatory onto your home?  Well, in many places, a conservatory can be a great addition to many homes.  You can use it as a sitting room to enjoy your backyard, as an office, or really anything you want to do with it since it will be a room full of light.

Plus, building a conservatory can be a great family project.  If you’re a hardcore do it yourself-er, a conservatory is the ultimate challenge.   It involves multiple steps and preparation, but it can be done by an individual.

The Advantages of doing it Yourself

The biggest advantages of doing it yourself come down to price.  Building your own conservatory with the kit that you’ll be sent is much cheaper than paying someone to do it for you.  You save time on planning, labor, and much more – since these pre-fabricated kits include everything you need to build your conservatory.

Another advantage to building it yourself that many people enjoy is the challenge.  Until you’ve built something of this scale that you can actually use to live it, you may not feel like you can.  By tackling this challenge and building it yourself, you can really gain a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with your handyman and craftsman skills.   It can also be a great project to do with your children so that they can share in your accomplishment and learn some basic handyman skills.

If You Still Want to Hire Someone

You know, doing it yourself isn’t for everyone, and you may not be confident enough in your skills to want to attempt this on your own.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money by still utilizing a pre-made and pre-planned conservatory.  In fact, you can still save a lot of money.

Instead of building it yourself, simply order the kit and hire a handyman to build it.  It will still probably cost much less than paying for a contractor to build it from start to finish, and you will still be able to enjoy your new room addition.  Just make sure that you research the person that you want to built it and make sure they have these basic skills: site preparation, building masonry walls, faming, installing flashing, and any finishing work you want them to do (such as paining, installing molding, installing carpet or tile, etc.).  By vetting your handyman or contractor you can at least ensure that he has the basic skills to build you the conservatory that you want.