8 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Move

Money. Moving. 

These two terms alone should probably remind you of a particular concept from high school: directly proportional!

If you’re like me, the thought of moving brings bouts of anxiety. Moving is often stressful, time consuming and almost always expensive. Yet it’s something that we’ll inevitably have to do as we move up (hopefully) the wealth ladder.

You might be shocked to know that only in 2014 a staggering 16% of the Americans made moves to a new residence. So moving is very much a part of life. While expenses might add up really fast on a move but there are a plenty you may actually do to cut off a good bit of your expense.

It entirely depends on the nature of your move how complex, time consuming and money engaging it is going to be. If you are moving to a place which isn’t far from your residence and you do not need to take with you a lot of stuff then you might better move on your own, you will end up saving a lot of money.  However, if your move is a long distance one and you are confused about it, feel free to hire an efficient professional mover. The movers will not only help you in saving your time but will also leave you with very little stress though they will cost you a fairly handsome sum.  Well then every lane looks dingy, doesn’t it?  Do not worry, give this article a read and help yourself to save some bucks on your next move. Here are a few ways by which you may cut costs on your upcoming move.

Collect as many free boxes as you can

The boxes that will help you in a move aren’t really cheap so before you start packing try and collect free moving supplies from several stores, local shops, online marketplaces, friends, family, acquaintances and from your workplace.  Not only is this way really easy but it will also saves hundreds of dollars from your moving expenses.  You may get such boxes from various places like your local grocery shops, local liquor stores, offices etc. and you may also get them really cheap on various online groups.  

Choose a convenient date and time to move

One of the best ways to save some money during the time of a move is simply to choose the correct and most appropriate moving date.  When you are hiring professional movers, the kind of date and time you finalize for a move can really make a huge difference to your expenses.  Usually May to August is a peak time for the professional movers, they mostly remain in demand throughout these months instead you can move during the months of September to April.  You may also keep in mind that the demand during the mid-week and mid-month days are relatively low so your costs are likely to be lowered if you hire the movers during these days.  However if you need to move immediately then you may try a DIY move.

Do most of your packing yourself

Whenever you are hiring a professional packer and mover, you are likely to save more time and energy however it becomes more expensive of you ask then to do every bit of your work.  There are certain things you can do to reduce your expenses even if you have hired a professional mover.  You may pack some of your things which might reduce their work load and help them finish the work quicker which will allow you to pay them less.  If you can save a few hours of their prescribed work, the movers are likely to give you some discount.

Use discounts for moving supplies

Sometimes you need to pay your movers for almost everything.  From the bubble wraps to the boxes, the movers charge more for everything and it builds up a huge sum at the end for you to pay.  To avoid such problems, you may visit several online sites which provide moving supplies required during a move.  By buying things from such sites, you may end up saving some dollars which will eventually add to your savings.  Also do not order more boxes than you need, ordering too much supply material adds to your increasing expenditure list.

Make sure that you examine the contract carefully

Now that you have decided which professional mover you are about to hire, be certain that you have a thorough look at the professional mover’s contract.  Also remember to consider and examine your liability and insurance options very carefully.  

If your move is short, you must also determine whether to go for an hourly rate or the normal flat rate. You should surely go for the flat rate if your move is long.  If you are moving during the monsoons, make sure you do not out for the hour rate since you might be stuck in your move because of the rain.

Moving expenditure might be deducted from your taxes

Be sure that you save every receipt during your move. You can save a really good sum on taxes the next season depending on the purpose of your move.  There are several little-known provisions that provide for the deduction of taxes if your move is because of your workplace.  Research and know every little detail about all of this. Many sites in the internet are dedicated to help you in this matter which can really help you in saving your taxes.

Get rid of the clutter

While you are moving, you are likely to clean your house before the move. You might be thinking of selling it or you are moving out of a rental and you won’t be getting back the deposit if you don’t clean it.  It is also really important to get rid of what you do not want at all, so de -clutter your home.  This step helps you not only if you are selling your place but also to get you more organized with the packing so that you have to move less.  The lesser you have to move, the cheaper it is going to be for you.  So if you haven’t used a particular item for years then there’s no point taking it to your new place.  This will help you cut some bucks from your move.

Inspect properly on the move day

You don’t want to end up spending g a lot of money in your move and lose or forget a few valuable items. Inspect everything very minutely on the move day and be sure that everything is delivered properly and that the fragile items along with the “breakables” have been delivered safely.

A move might seem tiresome but it has its pleasures too.  An inexpensive, quick and safe move can be a pleasant and exciting experience.  So don’t stress or panic! Keep the above points in mind to trim your moving costs. Happy moving!