7 things you need to know about travel insurance

After spending hard earned cash and lots of time planning your perfect holiday, it’s time to think about getting some travel insurance. Yes, I know it’s not a very exciting thing to think about, but it is just as essential as booking flights and accommodation. If you are planning on saving money, then don’t opt for the cheapest policy, instead, think about what you need to be covered and buy to those needs.

The simple rule of travelling is, if you are hiring a car, don’t forget holiday insuranceif you are planning a holiday, be aware of these seven travel insurance pointers.

Policy limits

If a crisis occurs while you are relaxing on holiday, it is very frustrating, but you can make it much worse if you try to make a claim and find out that you are not covered. To prevent this, before you go, find out about what you can claim for and how much you will get back. Remember, insurance companies are there to help not to rip-you-off, but you need to tell them what you require.

Action holidays

Whatever activity you are going to do while you are on your break, take a look at your policy and see if it is covered. If it is not, give them a call and add it in.

Declare any pre-existing medical conditions

It could be very tempting to economise by not declaring a pre-existing condition, but it is vital to give your insurance company the full picture of you health. This ensures that if you do have a claim, you will not experience any problems.

Look after your stuff

Even if you just plan on travelling around some free museums in the USA and have no skydiving holiday plans, you can be the innocent victim of theft. So, even though you are covered by your insurance, always take care of your valuables.

Extended holidays

This sounds an obvious thing to do, but don’t forget to check that your policy covers you for the correct number of days you are on vacation. It takes a couple of seconds but brings peace of mind.

Check that your policy covers your holiday destination

When choosing a policy for your trip, it is always wise to check that your destination is included. This is particularly relevant if you plan on going to an unusual destination. See what ‘worldwide cover’ actually means.

Missed departure cover

One of the stresses of modern day life is traffic jams. If you are delayed in any way for your flight, then it is terrific to know you are covered. If your policy does cover you for missing a flight, find out exactly what that cover is, so you don’t get a nasty shock.

Insurance on holiday brings peace of mind but make sure that you spend some time before you leave finding out what you need, and what you have bought.