7 Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

A guy is jumping into the pool and title reads 7 fun ways to earn money online

On personal finance blogs (like this one), we usually advise that you increase your savings through increasing your income, budgeting and cutting down on spending.

A lot of the time, this is painfully boring. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here, I’ve listed 7 fun ways to earn money online. While not every method might be suitable for you, I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas nonetheless. Let’s get into it!

1. Take Online Surveys

Online researchers, marketing companies, branding teams always need honest opinions for their products and services. Honest is the key word here.

Often, these companies pay very well for honest customer surveys. MySurvey, Valued Opinions etc are some of the trustworthy websites that issue generous payouts in addition to product sample kits in return for answers to a set of specific questions, thus making it a double-win proposition for you!

2. Build a website or blog

If you have a business idea that offers a unique value proposition or solves an existing problem that a lot of people face, then you’d be doing everyone a big injustice by keeping it to yourself!

Building a website is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and test business ideas. You can create one on your own or with the help of a consultant.

With platforms like Shopify and Amazon FBA, it’s so easy these days to get started in selling products and services!

If you keep working on the various aspects of building and running a successful website or ecommerce business, it is possible to catch the attention of investors or bigger companies in the same niche as you for a future expansion or buyout that could potentially rake in considerable moolah for you.

Blogging is an advisable money-making avenue as well (this is coming from a blogger here!) However, I can tell you that it can be an exhausting and demanding process, requiring enormous amounts of time and resources on your part. So decide wisely and work hard to make every bit count!

3. Become an Email Marketer

If you have access to or have gathered a database of genuine email subscribers through your blog for example, then offering business owners access to your email list can be a great money-making avenue.

Customer acquisition and lead generation is a necessary and cash-burning process for most businesses, and your customer email database could prove to be a goldmine!

It is essential to make sure that customers are genuinely interested in a product or service niche and have opted-in for email subscription willingly, or else the idea could backfire and your credibility could take a serious hit. Remember: hitting up customer email ids out of the blue will not garner the expected results.

4. Try your luck at Online Casinos

Okay, okay. I’d only advise that you do this IF you have spare cash lying around. Online casinos allow you to win big, but they carry their own risks as well.

Gone are the days when you needed to save money and travel extensively to reach Las Vegas or any nearby casino to have some fun at slot machines or roulettes. It is possible now to have the casino experience virtually, while you are at home.

I’ve tried a reliable online casino – casino.com. I can easily place bets, even in between work-breaks, and get massive cash-outs. Also, most of the online casinos offer incredible no-deposit bonuses which make it all the more enticing for casino enthusiasts.

Another form of online gambling gaming is matched betting. It’s a lot more popular in the UK, but American players can take part all the same. Matched betting is all about placing two opposite bets so you can’t lose your money whilst using free bets to profit, every time. If it sounds complicated, you can check out resources like http://matchedbettingbible.co.uk, which gives you more of the basics of matched betting.

5. Author an eBook

This is another method I’ve heard people try and test multiple times. It not only rakes in steady passive income, but also a dedicated readership and recognition if you do it right.

If you possess a great deal of knowledge regarding a niche or have experiences relating to it – like gaming, coding, medical conditions, blogging, cooking etc. – you could author eBooks to make money online by propagating your knowledge and experiences to interested readers.

The eBooks authored by you can be sold via Amazon’s Kindle Store on Apple iTunes Connect, wherein access to a wide base of pre-approved customer base is possible. A word of caution – while this method is not necessarily cash-intensive, it most certainly is resource-intensive.

6. Take up Fiverr Gigs

Do you have a knack for content creation, graphic design, web development, SEO marketing etc?

Now you can put it to good use with reliable websites like Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to offer gigs for a sum of USD5 per job, with the possibility to increase the pay-outs with value-added services.

There is a plethora of products and services being offered at Fiverr currently. Use it to find categories and gigs that interest you and take up the ones that you are most passionate about or strong in!

While it might take a while before you can establish yourself as a high-performer, good reviews by former clients from previous gigs can turn the tide in your favor and bring in considerable income.

7. Review/ Test Gaming Apps and Websites

I grew up playing computer games.

That’s why to me, this is one of the best ways to make money while having fun. It allows you to test out an amazing website or game in its beta stage.

There are no special skills required for making money while gaming – anyone who is nifty with a website browser or loves gaming can sign up for this profile through trustworthy sites like UserTesting.com and receive the list of sites/ games to be reviewed or tested.

Sounds like a dream come true right? Well, for me it is anyway!

Points to Ponder Upon

Making money online is not entirely a cakewalk, given the stiff competition and resources available to everyone.

However, if you:

  • are aware of your strengths
  • have found a niche that suits you or possess considerable experience regarding, and
  • are passionate about giving it your best shot.

Then attaining success will just be a matter of time. Of course, researching the legitimacy and reputation of the websites you choose to work for is a must too.

While it may prove to be resource-intensive at first, it is important to keep long-term results for your activity in mind. If chosen wisely and backed by basic research, these are some of the best ways to make money online while having fun!