6 Tips For Saving Money On Your Move

There are three unavoidable truths in life. You’re going to pay taxes, you’re going to die, and moving is going to be worse than both. It’s stressful, complicated, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are six ways to save money on your move!

  1. Downsize

When it comes to moving; more stuff equals more expense, less stuff equals less expense. Downsizing is a difficult step, but it’s also a great chance to clear out clutter and make room for the next chapter in your life! Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a more minimalist lifestyle, or maybe you’ve simply had cleaning out the garage on your to-do list for months now. This is the perfect opportunity! While packing, go through everything you own and ask yourself if you really love it enough to bring it with you. If the answer is no, then it’s probably best to get rid of it before the move.

Bonus tip: have a garage and/or moving sale! This is a great way to make some extra money to help cover costs! You can donate anything that doesn’t sell to charity.

  1. Move your cleaning supplies and toiletries

While you’ll usually save money by moving less stuff, when it comes to personal toiletries, cleaning, and household supplies, you’ll likely save more money and effort by keeping them instead (think about a weight to cost ratio). Many people decide to throw out their toiletries and household supplies rather than move them, thinking they will replace them in their new space. But this becomes surprisingly costly when you are restocking so many things at once. If you have more than a few weeks supply left, it’s probably worth moving. Plus, there will be some of the first things you’ll want to have on hand in your new place!

  1. Pack your cooler too!

Fill it with food from your fridge instead of wasting everything. You can even prep freezer meals in advance and have them handy for before and after the move – saving tons over takeout. This is best for local moves, but a long-distance alternative is to pack road trip & picnic food so you don’t need to purchase more expensive food on your drive.

  1. Save on packing supplies!

Don’t buy boxes! Many grocers and other local stores will give you used boxes for free. You can also reuse your own storage containers. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap, use towels & blankets to wrap fragile items like dishes. Though if something is valuable or extremely fragile, you probably still want to use bubble wrap or something similar. Socks also work perfectly for packing mugs!

  1. Host a moving party!

Invite friends and family over to help you with packing, loading, or unloading. Not only does this save over hiring help, but it’s also fun! Check out this guide for hosting a great moving party.

  1. Hiring someone or DIY?

Moving oneself is one of the best ways to save the most money on your move. It can be a great option but beware of hidden costs, like insurance, hitch installations, and gas. These can rack up quickly, especially with long distance moves. If the confusing costs and extra hassle are too much, or you just aren’t up to it physically you might want to hire a moving company like Suddath. Finding great long-distance movers can make the whole process much smoother!