5 Ways to Turn Your YouTube Addiction to Additional Income

Laptop on Youtube Site

This is a Guest Post from Amos Onwukwe, an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter featured in Sites like Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Self Growth, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, etc. you can also follow him on twitter.

You can turn your YouTube addiction to an additional income stream. That way you not only watch YouTube, you also watch your bank balance grow. Isn’t that cool? 

This is a platform where learning and earning meet and mix. Home to nearly 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has become the second largest social network plus the second largest search engine behind Google.

Nielsen reports that American adults spend over 11 hours daily watching videos, listening to or interacting with different forms of media content. The typical user will typically go beyond this average.

In this post, we’ll highlight five (5) smart ways to turn your YouTube addiction to additional income and start to benefit more from watching.

Watch How to Make Money Online Videos

Majority of YouTube videos are how-to-videos which are growing 70% year over year. Since people retain more of what they see and hear than what they read, these videos have become so popular.

By watching how-to-make-money-online videos, viewers can learn a lot about different ways to make money on the internet, including on YouTube.

You may need to watch several such videos to find the ones that resonate with your skills, passion, interests or hobbies.

Create Your Own YouTube Channel

After you have watched and learned how to make money online, the next thing to do is to channel your energy into creating your own YouTube channel. This will help you make money on YouTube.

By creating your own channel you can broadcast your content to billions of viewers who are looking for fresh, new and informative content. 

Channels like Unbox Therapy have hundreds of videos, millions of subscribers and billions of video views. PostModern JukeBox (PMJ) is another huge YouTube channel to check out. Monetized, such channels can earn you steady side income.

Create Relevant Content

After you have studied other channels including the number, type, and style of content they produce, you’ll need to create content for your YouTube channel.

Relevant content is what guarantees views. Irrelevant content may attract eyes but can never keep them past the first few seconds. As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Therefore, people will only search for relevant content. By understanding your audience and their preferences you can better create content that appeals to them, get you, subscribers, plus earn you some money.

Promote Your Channel

After creating your YouTube channel, monetizing it and loading it up with relevant content, it is time to promote your YouTube channel.

There are many ways to promote your channel including word of mouth (WoM), YouTube ads, commenting on others videos and linking back to your channel.

With great content and good promotion, you will attract more viewers who will become subscribers and fans. Well nurtured, these can become your customers.

Guest Post

If you create specialist videos that teach a particular business-related lesson, for instance, you can gain extra mileage for your videos by guest posting on high authority sites.

Either in the body of your text or in the author bio, most sites will allow you to link back to your website, landing page or anything linkable.

By including links to your YouTube videos on high authority sites you can gain new followers who may be willing to pay for the goods or services you render.


There are several ways to make money from YouTube. Find what works for you and work it till it works. Just remember that as long as your channel, content, and promotion are done right, you too can make money from YouTube.