5 Tips for Betting on Horses

Betting on horses during races and competitions like the Kentucky Derby can be one of the most exciting and challenging things to do. Here are five important and great tips you can use for betting on horses:

1.Always look at the racing form:
Making a bet on Kentucky Derby can be tough without looking at racing forms. These forms are typically found by the track or online. Check out their trainer and jockey and also keep in mind their percentages. This will give you better knowledge on all of the horses and will help you narrow down your bet. When reading the forms, look at the different tiers. The horses will all be ranked there. For single events, it is a good idea to box the horses in the first tier.

2.Look at recent performances/forms:
An easy way of knowing your horses and how well they did in the past is looking at their previous races. Their past three races are usually key in deciding on what horse to bet on. Be sure to look at the finishing position and see how that horses matched up against others. Predicting races has a lot to do with studying the horses past wins and losses.

3.Track condition:
Although it may not seem like a big issue, the track conditions are very crucial in knowing how some horses will race, especially at a place like the Kentucky Derby. Some horses prefer dry tracks while others may work best with a wet track. Check each horses wet and dry record, and compare their results.Know what type of track they will be racing on as well. That way, you are able to pick a horse that is used to the conditions and does well in the track.

Horses that are dropouts can be threats. To know if a certain horse is dropping in class or getting higher, look at the my picks sheet on the very right. If you spot a green down narrow, the horse is dropping in class. This rank will help you understand where the horse stands and how it is currently doing. It is important to look at the dropout rate when betting.

5.Change of medication:
Race horses take two types of medication: Bute and Lasix. A horse that uses Lasiz for the first time in a while will do better than average, and is guaranteed to improve. Bute is different in that it can help a horse run faster, but sometimes may make them slower. Learn about these medications and the way each horse handles them, than check to see which on they are taking.

Use these five great tips when betting on horses and see wins appear more often!

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