5 Steps to Effectively Providing Information for Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered harm or injury as a result of an accident caused by the other party’s fault, you need not worry about whether your case will be successful.  While the role played by your attorney is vital in winning your case, it is essential to have relevant case related documentation that might prove useful. Here are a few tips to remember when you seek legal action;

Take photos of injuries

Photography of an accident can include images or videos taken before, during, or after the accident. This captures the nature and severity of any injury to parties involved in the accident. In addition to photography, audio recordings captured on smartphones may also be useful in identifying who was present at the scene of an accident.

Acquire useful documents

Your statements taken when you have the best recall of the events of the accident are the most vital documents in an accident claim. When planning to meet your personal injury attorney, bring along information relating to the details of the ambulance service, hospital admission dates, details of doctors and chiropractors consulted, details of the insurance adjusters as well as people you talked about the accident.

It is also relevant to get medical reports for the entire period spent under a doctor’s care and your medical history that may have details of a pre-existing medical condition that should have prevented you from engaging in a fatal activity.

Policy documents such as your medical insurance policy and automobile insurance policy will be useful in determining what kind of coverage you had purchased and limits to your policy.

Obtain copies of your receipts and proof of any expenses

Ask for a copy of the bill each time you visit a medical professional for accident-related treatment. Keep a record of all medical care and supplies given after your accident and give your personal injury attorney a copy of each even if the bill was cleared by your worker’s compensation, Health Insurance Company or any another party.

Statements or forms acquired from your employer for the period and periods to follow will also give information proving your wages lost during the time you were recovering from an accident. Hang onto receipts of your expenses for alternative transportation used after the accident and also record expenses incurred by relatives in travelling to provide you care.

Keep your attorney informed about witnesses

Provide your attorney with the name, contact information and address of witnesses who were close at the time of the accident or who can testify how your life has been affected by the injury. Notify your attorney of any additional witnesses or change of address of key witnesses.

Save documents in a central file

Start a file for physical items or documents as well correspondence received related to your injury and store away everything that might be relevant. You do not want to sabotage your own injury claim by misplacing or losing items that could help prove your case. Keep a digital and physical copy of everything when possible. Have a checklist to keep track of what documents you have and what you still need to obtain.


Both you and your attorney are working to get the compensation you deserve after an accident caused by the other party’s negligence. To accomplish this and achieve desired results in the shortest time, it is essential to provide all necessary information and documentation to facilitate this process. So it’s better to prepare all the Documents needed, get the help of a good lawyer and trust them to take care of things that are out of your hand.