5 Reasons Why Buying Travel Insurance is a Wise Investment

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences in life.  Travellers go through a lot of preparations in order to have the best possible trip.  These preparations include hotel and tour reservations, booking plane tickets, and planning itineraries. Despite the careful trip planning, some travellers often neglect one important thing as they make trip preparations, and that is getting travel insurance.

Getting the best travel insurance that is suited to your travel needs can bring huge benefits.  We all know that anything can happen during a business or leisure trip that could have negative consequences.

Travellers should pay more attention to travel insurance and include it on top of their priority list. Here are 5 reasons why buying travel insurance is a wise investment:

1. Travel Insurance covers the cost of trip interruptions and cancellations.

Probably the most important benefit of investing in travel insurance is to be able to reimburse your financial expenses if the trip is cancelled due to valid reasons stipulated in the coverage. If you are not able to take your schedule trip or if your trip is suddenly cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, you can file a claim so that you can reimburse your expenses.  The most common cancellation or interruption reasons are illness or death in the family, acts of terrorism in the destination country, calamities, or change in schedule.

2. Travel insurance covers medical-related emergencies when you’re on a trip.

Most health insurance plans are not valid outside the country where you live. When you get ill on a trip abroad, travel insurance covers your medical expenses. It also covers medical evacuation, when you need to be transported to a medical facility while on vacation or on a business trip. The policy usually stipulates specific health-related circumstances that cab be reimbursed.  For instance, pre-existing conditions are not usually covered by travel insurance.  

3. Travel insurance covers your non-refundable deposits.

If you have pre-paid travel arrangements that need to be cancelled due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, your travel insurance will cover lost deposits for anything you have booked related to the trip such as accommodations, car rentals, and tour packages.

4. Travel insurance covers personal liability.

Most travel insurance provides coverage for legal expenses due to personal liability such as property damage or accidental bodily injuries against another person.

5. Travel insurance covers the cost incurred on damaged, stolen, or lost baggage.

Another common stipulation in most travel insurance policies is the coverage of damaged, stolen, or lost baggage. Some of the best travel insurance stipulates in the policy that they will be replacing lost, stolen or damaged items in you baggage.  They can also refund personal items that you purchased until the baggage is returned.


Part of being a responsible holidaymaker is to ensure the protection of you and your family while on holiday.  One of the best ways to do that is to invest in travel insurance.  Knowing that you have travel insurance definitely contributes to a worry-free trip and gives you peace of mind.