5 Reasons Motorcycle Insurance Costs Are So Expensive

Riding motorcycles are fun, yet dangerous. Many motorcyclists get hurt every year. Often times, it’s not their fault. Unfortunate circumstances can happen when riding a bike. If you are a safe motorcycle rider, you might be wondering why it’s so hard to find affordable insurance. On average, motorcycle insurance can get very expensive. To learn more when shopping for insurance, here are the main reasons that motorcycle protections costs more than you might want to spend.

Motorcycle Riding Experience

Similar to a car driver, experience can make a huge difference in your insurance costs. Many motorcycles insurance providers will factor in your age and years of safe driving into account. Of course, a 24-year-old rider with zero years of experience will have a higher insurance premium and deductible. However, if you ride your bike safely, the costs can come down over time while you still insure your future. In the meantime, its assumed by the company that you are not a safe motorcyclist. This is one of the primary reasons that motorcycle insurance raises its costs.

Varying Costs For Different Bikes

Depending on the type of motorcycle that you purchase, the insurance rates could sky rocket. This can be due to the cost of the bike. However, the type of bike and speed can make the biggest impact on price. Known as “crotch-rockets,” sport bikes can reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour. These high-performance bikes pose a greater risk to riders. A powerful motorcycle in the hands of a novice rider could end up in a very dangerous situation. Thus, motorcycle insurance providers will discourage riders below the age of 25 from buying sport bikes by charging very high premiums.

Motorcycle Insurance Costs Priced By State

Moreover, your location can influence the pricing of motorcycle insurance. In the Midwest, you can find motorcycle insurance quotes in states like North Dakota and Iowa as low as $300-$400 annually. Meanwhile, other parts of the country like Los Angeles, California, prices can go upwards of $1,000 annually. Depending on your location, the insurance costs may be higher because of other drivers. According to West Coast Trial Lawyers, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney firm, “studies show that most motorcycle injuries are caused by careless automobile drivers who violate rules of the road.” Therefore, the motorcycle insurance costs can vary depending on your area and the number of motorcycle accidents that occur each year.  

Level Of Motorcycle Protection

The cost of motorcycle insurance increases with higher levels of coverage. You might assume that you are one of the best riders around. However, sooner or later, even small incidents happen. Whether you run into a road hazard or simply drop your bike, things are likely to occur from time to time. Of course, you can offset this insurance cost with a warrantee to a certain extent. If you decide to get full comprehensive and collision insurance, the annual costs can vary depending on the policy limits. Some riders opt for the lowest level of coverage. Meanwhile experienced riders can afford policies with up to $100,000-$200,000 of protection.  Additionally, if you want to have a lower deductible, the annual costs are more expensive too. Certainly, the level of protection can increase motorcycle insurance costs.

Motorcycle Theft Drives Up Costs

Crime can contribute to the increasing motorcycle insurance costs. Since bikes are easier to steal, insurance companies have to make the up the difference by charging higher premiums. In California, motorcycle thefts have increased to over 7500 stolen bikes in 2016. Fortunately, you can report your bike security measures to try to manage the insurance costs. If the bike is stored in a locked garage or has motorcycle security devices, the costs can be discounted. However, on the whole, motorcycle theft is a major concern that effects your insurance rates.


Riding motorcycles comes with a lot of risks. These risks are the primary cause of expensive insurance rates. Depending on the rider’s experience and bike performance, these costs can be exacerbated, causing higher prices. Moreover, the insurance rates can increase in states like California because of overall motorcycle accident and theft statistics. Finally, your motorcycle insurance premiums will depend on the level of coverage you choose. If you plan to have the best protection, including a low deductible, full comprehensive and collision, the insurance premiums are going to be expensive. When you combine all of these reasons, it can be tough to find affordable motorcycle insurance, even for experienced riders.