4 Ways To Impress Potential Employers

The idea of getting a job and holding it for twenty or so years is an antiquated one. Indeed, the very concept of job security is disappearing. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 1969, the reality is that few professionals can afford to sit back and rest on their laurels. Even if you have a job now –– and even if you enjoy your current position –– it’s unwise to assume that the status quo will last forever. Sooner or later, everyone is forced into the job market. That’s why it’s important to understand how to impress potential employers. Whether you’re actively seeking a job or you just want to maintain a positive reputation among your peers, these four tips will make sure that you’re able to “wow” any business leader who crosses your path. Check them out here:  


Visit any business leader in any industry and they’ll tell you basically the same thing: they want employees who are hard-working, self-motivated, and passionate. One of the best ways to demonstrate all three of those qualities at once is to volunteer for a cause you support. Volunteering demonstrates that you’re not afraid to go the extra mile and that you’re willing to help others. Consider signing up to work for a local charity, animal shelter, or even a political campaign. Find some time to give back in 2020 –– it’ll benefit you in so many ways!


Interning at a company is similar to volunteering –– particularly if you opt for an unpaid internship. Regardless, interning at a business is one of the best ways to develop meaningful connections and study the ins and outs of an industry. So whether you want to learn about 5ml serological pipettes or SEO techniques, signing up for an internship can be an extremely rewarding experience. 

Update Your Social Media

Don’t ever be afraid to celebrate yourself! Whether you realize it or not, you accomplish things all the time that others will find noteworthy. So make it a point to update your social media with all of your certifications, accomplishments, and achievements. On this point, it’s particularly important to include any new skills or certifications on your social media profiles that are geared toward businesses, such as LinkedIn. Not changing your social media to reflect your abilities is a major oversight. Instead of selling yourself short, let the world know what you can do. Trust us, people are always paying attention. 

Do Your Homework

Inexperienced job seekers may feel tempted to send out as many CVs, resumes, and cover letters as possible in an attempt to get a job right after college. Yet, this isn’t the most effective way to connect with employers. Instead of sending out dozens of identical resumes and cover letters, customize your messages to align with company values and preferences. Most of the time, business leaders will expressly state which traits they most value within a job posting itself. Use this as a template to alter your resume and cover letter accordingly. Doing so will make your application stand out and will strike a chord with your future employer.


Keep these tips handy because you’ll never know when you’ll next get an opportunity to move up the corporate ladder and land a high-paying job!