4 Easy Ways To Make Charitable Donations

If you are a frequent user of this site, there’s a good chance you’ve benefited from our tips and advice to save or earn more money. Whether you have felt inspired to earn through the passive income sources we recommend or have saved on your auto insurance, we hope we have helped you earn and save. 

For many of us, new income streams and savings can motivate us to give back. We have more money to make charitable donations, and it feels good to donate to a worthy cause.

But the tricky bit is: Where to start? Should you make a one-off donation to an organization, or should you set up smaller, regular debits? What’s the easiest way to give money?

Many of these questions circle people’s heads with no easy answer. Happily, there are now more options than ever to help make giving to charity more accessible than ever. 

1. Giving by Text

Many organizations understand that it is essential to simplify the process of giving. You might be reluctant to set up giving over the phone, or setting up payments may seem like a lot when you are sitting on the couch watching TV. 

Giving-by-text answers these problems in a relaxed, convenient way. Texting means that you don’t have to interrupt your evening. You can register and set up recurring payments via text. 

For instance, if you wanted to set up a regular tithe to give to a local church, they may set up giving-by-text software. You then just have to use a text to give church money platform, and that’s it!

2. Apps

As with everything you could imagine, there’s a fantastic range of great apps to make charitable giving more accessible. Often, these apps don’t even require you to give money. Instead, you may do something that an organization promises to match with a donation.

For instance, there are apps out there that enable you to raise money by just walking your dog or donating a photo. Each time you walk your dog, sponsors fund a donation, and each time you donate a photo, a firm donates $1 to charity.

In other cases, apps may make it easier for you to donate to a given cause. If there’s a cause you have in mind, consider searching for the cause and apps that support it.

3. By Socially-Conscious Firms

Lots of firms now recognize their social duty and align themselves with causes that match their values. For many, they base their brand or service on giving back to communities in need. A portion of their profits will go to worthy causes. 

Where possible, seek out these firms. It saves you the stress of choosing between worthwhile causes and gives you the peace of mind you’ve made a positive difference with your purchase. It is an effortless way to help make a change. 

4. Donate Your Possessions to Charity

When you start making more money from the tips and income sources we suggest here, you will likely start trading up on a lot of your stuff. Trading up is a great time to clear out the wardrobe.

Accumulating new things brings a problem of what to do with our old, outdated belongings. It is easy to throw them out, and even easier to just let them build up at the back of closets and in the loft. 

Instead, donate your unwanted things as soon as you’ve replaced them. This gesture is sensible because you need to make room for your new things anyway, and you can do so while helping out those less fortunate than you in your community. Plenty of charities will welcome second-hand possessions.