3 Ways to Get Some Extra Money Quickly

Despite the fact that nearly all of us work a full-time job (unless we are students), many Americans don’t have a lot to show for it in terms of their bank accounts. One big financial emergency could ruin most people, and that is a scary thought and is something that most people should look to avoid.

Thankfully, there are some other ways to make money in addition to your primary source or income or job. While they all involve a little bit of work or effort in one way or another, they can be fantastic ways to make extra money very quickly if you need it. So without any further ado, let’s look at three ways to quickly make a little bit of extra money when you need it.

Sell Your Stuff

Any way you look at it, Americans have way too much “stuff”. Our homes are cluttered and most of us keep things that we hardly use anymore. Not only does this stuff just sit around collecting dust, but it can also clutter your home and look quite unsightly. While you could go through your items and throw away things, why not sell them? You can post and sell them online by creating your own online store which is a huge trend nowadays as more people are choosing the convenient and easy way to buy stuff online where they can just scroll through the pages and buy stuff with just 1 click. In terms of payments, you can ensure that you receive your cash even more quickly by using the best invoice factoring solutions. This is where a company will buy your receivables (money that your customers owe you) for a slight discount. Yes, you earn a little less. But you accelerate the collections process. A decent trade-off in my book!

While you might not always be able to get top dollar for these items, you likely have things sitting around that you could turn into cash in only a few days. Whether it is old furniture, electronics, books or clothes, you are the likely owner of a lot if “stuff” that could fetch you some extra money.

Try Approaching Your Place of Employment and Get an Advance

For most of us, our full-time job is our only source of real income, so if you need to get some extra money quickly, they can be a solid place to try. Depending on your place of employment and the type of job you have, you can ask them to work some more hours or pick up extra shifts, which can be a great way to get money quickly. If they don’t want to provide you with extra hours or any overtime or anything like that, you can also try to obtain an advance on your future paycheck.

There are also companies that can provide you with a loan if you need some extra cash before your next paycheck comes through. Of course, always read the terms, conditions and rules before agreeing to any kind of loan. But with so many providers and different types of loans out there, you are likely to be able to find one that works for you.

“Flip” Some Items

No matter where you live, there is a good chance that there are several garage sales around. While a lot of the stuff at these sales might be junk, there are sure to be some diamonds in the rough. “Flipping” items involves buying them at a very low price, fixing them up, and selling them for a profit.

In addition to physical garage sales, most cities have a ton of online classifieds ads where people sell (or give away) a variety of different kinds of items. While flipping items can take some time and sometimes you need to get lucky, it is a proven way to make extra money, sometimes in only a few hours or days.

In conclusion, not having money when you need it can be very stressful, but hopefully these three ways to make some extra cash can help. This is not an exhaustive list, as there are dozens of different ways to make money, but these are some tried and true methods to get you that extra cash when you need it most.