3 Hacks To Help You Bring Your Business Energy Bills Down

Keeping control of your business costs is likely to be an ongoing challenge, and one area where you might really struggle to rein in your spending is energy. Luckily, there are certain measures you can take to help you get to grips with these expenses, and here are three of the most effective.

Make sure you’re on the best possible energy tariff 

Firstly, take a long, hard look at your current energy tariff. If you’re not convinced that you’re getting the most competitive deal on your gas and electricity, it could be time to make a change. Although it might seem like a hassle, swapping to a new supplier may in fact be easier than you think. Providers like Flogas can arrange the switch on your behalf – and depending on the deal you’re on currently, you might be able to reduce your energy costs by 40 per cent or more simply by making this change. Given the potential savings on offer, it’s certainly worth investigating your options.

Increase the energy efficiency of your premises

There may be a series of changes you can make to your premises to cut your energy usage. For example, replacing traditional light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs could significantly lower your electricity costs, and using hibernation features on desktops and laptops could bring your bills down too. Other changes could include blocking droughts around doors and windows, getting a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the heat settings in your building when no one’s using it, and replacing old equipment with new, energy efficient models. If you’re looking for additional ways to make your premises more efficient, you can enlist the help of a specialist energy audit company. Although this will cost you upfront, the suggestions these experts make could save you significant sums over the long term.

Educate your personnel

Changing the behavior of your employees can help you reduce your outgoings too. Even simple things, like encouraging your staff members to print documents only when strictly necessary and getting them to switch equipment off when it’s not in use, could dramatically cut your costs. You could also get your workers involved in brainstorming new energy saving solutions. They might come up with innovative ideas that you would have overlooked.

Your energy bills might always represent a sizable chunk of your business’ outgoings, but as these points illustrate, there are some effective ways to bring them down.