Video Conferencing or Simple Phone?

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I don’t think I ever had an inforgraphic on this site. But this one is quite interesting. Sometimes 90% of my time in the office is spent on the conference calls. Not my favorite time of the day. But between video conferences and phone conferences, I, personally, like phone conferences. I guess I am not just comfortable with video conferencing. Maybe I’ll get used to it one day. Who knows, right?

The Rise of Video Conferencing

Source: The Rise of Video Conferencing

Infographic provided by video conference calling firm Powwownow


5 thoughts on “Video Conferencing or Simple Phone?

  1. Jules@Faithful With a Few

    I would rather have a video conference. I hate being on the phone, I want to see expressions.Very interesting infographic!

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  3. Elizabeth @ Simple Finance

    1.8 billion hours on Skype! That’s crazy! I have never done video conferencing, but I have done online meetings (like Go2Meeting), and they are really awesome. I don’t understand why anyone does business trips anymore!

  4. Pam@Pennysaverblog

    It’s really amazing how much technology has changed the way we do things in business as well as in our personal lives. I think we’d be lost if we tried to go back to the way things were now.


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