This post is presented by Beaker. If you want to see more posts written by him, make sure to check out Under Beaker’s Microscope tag at the end of this post. Money is very important in our society. We are all working very hard for all the money we can get our hands on. Money… (51 comments)

This is a guest post by my husband, Beaker. In my forty some years of life there has been one constant. Besides gravity and that the sun always rises in the east, I have never had a good job or have had a lot of money. Until recently, I have made such a small amount… (11 comments)

Beaker talks about Women’s Liberation movement, what manhood means, and explains why he is okay with me making more money than he does. My story “Why I Lied About Money” made him want to write this post. This is his point of view… I truly believe that we are a product of our environment. I grew… (26 comments)

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