Folks, this post is going to be short. I am back from vacation. The vacation was good and … eh … not so good. We went on a cruise to Alaska, and came back loving Alaska’s nature and absolutely not liking people. In fact, when we landed in Salt Lake, I was thinking to write… (19 comments)

Sometimes I think that my Honda Element costs me a fortune. I especially feel this way when I fill the car up with gas. Or when we take it for an oil change. Somehow we always end up with repairs, and, as I call it, despairs. However, I have to admit that our Honda is… (26 comments)

This article was featured in the following carnivals: Yakezie Carnival at Prairie Eco Thrifter Carnival of Financial Camaraderie at My University Money Totally Money at Family Money Values Carnival of Wealth at Control Your Cash Carnival of Financial Planning at Skilled Investor Blog  I try not to judge a book by it’s cover because usually… (51 comments)

Usually I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. I never felt that I had to do it. I liked the feeling of freedom of a resolution-less year. I felt free to chose, adjust, and move forward without constantly looking back over my shoulder and questioning myself if my actions are in line or on track… (20 comments)