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A Guide to Buying Gold Coins

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Gold Coins

The economy, currently, is not looking very good. In times of economic crisis, one of the first things that occur is the depreciation of currency, particularly the U.S. dollar. This is why investors and individuals alike choose to invest in a commodity that has more stability than currency. When the financial situation around the globe looks bleak, many turn to… Read more »

Top 10 countries offering Remarkable Returns on your FDs


Looking to make some money? While most of the central banks in developed and emerging markets are either on hold or cutting rates, investors seem to have limited choice in their search for higher returns. In these times, the emerging and frontier markets show great potential and appear to be highly lucrative. Using data from deposits.org, we take a look… Read more »

Ten Things You Gain When You Stop Being Cheap

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Reason. Yes, you gain reason. You simply stop thinking that you can get a lot of stuff for free. You stop asking to pay $15 for a five star service. You stop insulting people who ask you to pay for their service and deliver ten times more. Understanding. You stop caring about the price that you going to pay. Instead,… Read more »

The 3M’s: Money, Men and Me

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I am currently on vacation. While I am enjoying my time off , some great bloggers who are also my good friends are keeping this blog alive. Enjoy their posts and make sure to check out their blogs. Believe me, these blogs rock.  This post comes from my wonderful reader Lucille Morgan. She is a writer, activist and free spirit…. Read more »

Education In Pursuit of a Dream or Money

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I never studied at college what I wanted. I chose my majors based on my future earning potential. Sadly, my education was not motivated by love for knowledge, natural curiosity and love of intellectual pursuits. My education was always motivated by financial gain. Even though I had a dream of becoming a writer and joining the literary and intellectual elite,… Read more »