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How “Do Not Need” Lists Can Save You A Buck

I am on a three month no-buy resolution. I figured it is a good prelude to start implementing my next resolution – de-cluttering. Where do you usually start? I, of course, started with my favorite place which happens to be (you guessed it, right!) my closet. After I cleaned my closet, and packed some of my clothes and shoes for… Read more »

Battling Shopping Addiction: Conquering Thrift Stores… And Failing

One of my friends wanted to help me with my shopping problem. We had endless conversations about the causes and motivations, and, of course, the guilt behind my spending habits or unfullfilled financial goals. One day she said to me “I think I figured you out. You enjoy the process of shopping, not necessarily the results. I know what you… Read more »

Is Hoarding The New Frugal?

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