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Quick Freedom from Debt

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Debt free

Are you finding it difficult to manage your mounting list of debts? Join the club. Each day, it feels like more is being owed to banks and money lenders. If only you could catch a break, perhaps you could get your finances back under your control. The only problem is that there are so many instances where it is necessary… Read more »

Why I Took Out a 401K Loan

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Two years ago I took out a 401K loan to pay off my personal loan. Don’t gasp. Don’t shake your head. Don’t judge, or be judged, remember? Most financial bloggers recommend to never borrow from your 401K. They are right: the risks of taking out a 401K loan outweigh the benefits by far. However, I believe that there is no… Read more »

My Life Philosophy for Managing Money

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Do you have a personal mission statement? How about a financial mission statement? I have neither of these. I do know, somewhat vaguely, what my life’s journey is supposedly all about. But my financial destination is not clearly defined. Theoretically my life is a journey to my debt free future, hopefully comfortable and financially secure retirement, and lots and lots… Read more »