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Sleep on the Pavement, Piss in a Bottle

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I am not going to talk about camping equipment. Or tents. Or camping trailers. I want to discuss people who camp out in front of businesses. If you have spent hours, days and nights in front of your local Apple store waiting for an iPhone 5, you should stop reading now because the rest of this post might offend you…. Read more »

Consumerism: Affluenza and Regular Bouts of Temporary Amnesia

This post is written by Lucille, a staff writer for My Broken Coin.  It’s official – I’m suffering from affluenza and regular bouts of temporary amnesia. I say this as I find myself in an ever increasing consumeristic mindset. The particular strain of affluenza I have succumbed to is aspirational. I can’t afford full blown affluence yet and I sometimes… Read more »

What Would You Take With You in Case of a Fire?

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt. No, I did not hurt anyone, I did not steal anything, I did not lie, and no, I did not go on a binge shopping trip (not that I did not want to!) I’ve been feeling guilty because I feel that I became too materialistic, too attached to stuff. If… Read more »

A Rebel in Blue Jeans

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I got my first pair of jeans when I was 26 years old. I just moved to the United States, and, after some examination of my wardrobe, my stepfather told my mother that I needed to go shopping. Understandably, my Lithuanian clothes did not fit well into an American lifestyle. My first jeans were from Gap. I still remember that… Read more »

How To Get Out of the Closet Rut

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I tend to do a lot of shopping when the seasons change. This is when things get out of control: I attack malls, one store after another, trying to find that perfect outfit, that one top that will change me forever. Months later, when fall turns into winter, I re-evaluate my wardrobe, ultimately ending up with donation bags stuffed with… Read more »

Love Is Not Transactional. Or is it?

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and everyone (well, almost everyone) was talking about expectations of gifts, dinners out, breakfasts in bed, rose petals on the floor, bubbles in the hot tubs and whatnot. Almost everyone expected something as a gift of love, something that would show that he or she cares. One of my friends requested a Pandora bracelet from her… Read more »