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My Cheap Broke-Ass Wedding

I never wanted to spend much money on my wedding. Of course, I wanted it to be nice, and not a drive-through style wedding in a Las Vegas chapel. However, I never wanted to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. For a few simple reasons. The first reason was obvious. I always believed that in order for your future married… Read more »

If Only We Could Stop Eating

Our first paycheck of the month melted away like ice cream on a Mexican beach. It was not because I failed my no-buy self-induced painful challenge (I will elaborate on this shameful event later this month). There was something else eating away at our paycheck. Quite literary, by the way. We all know that the most important money management tool… Read more »

Live A Little: Have A Latte

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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

This post was featured in Carnival of Personal Finance at Compounding Returns Every time one of our pets gets sick, I ask myself this question: why don’t we have pet insurance? In October our six-year old cat, Charlie (yes, this is his photo), suddenly stopped eating and drinking. He was lethargic and sleeping all day long. On the second day,… Read more »

Herman Cain’s Peculiar 999 Plan

This post was featured as one of the Editor’s Picks in Carnival of Personal Finance #335: Get A Prenup Edition. While some bloggers are engrossed with the Occupy Wall Street movement, I got pre-occupied with the former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain. My curiosity is not based  on Cain’s sexual harassment trouble, even though I think that this particular predicament… Read more »

October in Review: How I Budgeted, Spent and Sinned

Please stop by Yes, I am Cheap and check out my guest post Work Habits That Make you Fat and Sick. On October 24 I entered (again) the world of personal finance blogs and jumped right into The Dollar Challenge that was created by 20s Finance. Since I am a big spender and not a big saver, I decided it… Read more »