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Sunday Reading Salon

Aloysa   January 6, 2013   3 Comments on Sunday Reading Salon

Interesting thoughts around the web: You Can’t Control Everything About Your Money The Good Life in 1958 (or not) I am Thankful for My Mobile Home Money Myths: “Late Fees Aren’t the End of the World” Declutter Your Closet with a Project 333 Experiment Twenty Twelve: The Year I Changed My Life Three Best Things About Being Single When It… Read more »

Sunday Reading Salon

‘Tis time to READ!  101 Centavos contemplates my favorite topic Why Are Europeans So Skinny? Let’s see: they move more, they eat less, food is better and not processed. I have to admit, he got it all right. Wisdomona discusses Conscious spending – my judgement. Her statement that we spend because we feel made me wonder about psychology of spending. A must read! The… Read more »

Sunday Reading Salon

I haven’t reviewed some of the great posts in a while. So, what’s new out there? Get yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s read. American Debt Project introduces the eBay Series: The eBay Series: Successful eBay Customer Service. Don’t miss it! 101 Centavos is resurrecting some of his dormant posts. I highly recommend Career Tips For Young Folks. 20s Finances is talking about Commuting to… Read more »

Reading Salon and March Blog Update

March was an amazing month. A lot of great things happened to my blog. A lot of great articles surfaced in the blogosphere. Let’s read first! Reading Salon: Favoritism Edition I am going to be really selfish this time and recommend some of my favorites. Why? Because they rock, they inspire, they provoke, and they simply are amazing. Don’t take it personally… Read more »

Saturday Afternoon Reading Salon

This Friday I got really lucky. I mean really, really lucky. At work, in-between my two morning meetings, I took a sneak peek at my Twitter. Imagine to my surprise when I saw this tweet from Lifehacker: “Don’t write down what you need to buy, write down what you *don’t* need to buy to save some money and reduce clutter: lifehac.kr/wYaqaJ“ It sounded… Read more »

Reading Salon and February Blog Update

I have a lot of good articles and exciting blog news to share with you, so without any further ado I proceed to Reading Salon Your Finances Simplified is asking a very important question Hiring A Financial Planner? 5 Good Reasons Why You Should. So Over Debt amazes us not only with her writing ability but with her productivity as… Read more »

The 17th Yakezie Blog Swap Roundup

Welcome to the 17th Yakezie Blog Swap. This time my fellow bloggers and I shared our Best Budget Travel Tips. As always, I was amazed at what people came up with and shared. Please check out the different tips below on how you too can save money while travelling: One Cent at A Time shares with us 8 Green Travel Tips at Sustainable Life Blog…. Read more »