Stop The Worry Of Elderly Parents’ Mobility

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This is a guest post.

As your parents get older, they’re often less able to care for themselves.

Elderly parents may not have the same energy they once had. They may worry more about their health and how they’ll get around.

But, it’s not only them that will worry.

How will you feel when they’re left alone behind closed doors and curtains with failing mobility?

Reduced mobility is a common problem faced by elderly patients as well as patients with chronic pain and/or disability following trauma or injury. Studies have found that 1 in 10 elderly individuals have some significant mobility issues over the age of 65 (source patient.co.uk).

Many falls are caused by poor balance and/or declining muscle strength and joint flexibility. Unfortunately, fractures – particularly of the hip, neck, femur or wrist – are an all-too-common consequence of falls. Resultant reduction in mobility can have a significant impact on the patient’s independence and ability to perform everyday tasks.

Do you want your loved ones to become another statistic in this research, or for you to be constantly worried about their every move around their house?

A simple solution to reducing this constant worry and improve your loved ones’ mobility around their home is a stairlift from Acorn Stairlifts – its ease and simplicity allowing users to continue to access areas of the home which would otherwise be difficult, painful or even dangerous to negotiate.

The are many difficulties surrounding elderly parents and mobility and independence is vital to ensure a positive family atmosphere to their care.

It has been shown that a stairlift can help improve the users attitude to health and there is a considerable uplift in their overall well being. There are many other devices that can help with general mobility, such as a rollator which are greatly beneficial to a persons movement through their home.

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