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Saturday Afternoon Reading Salon

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This Friday I got really lucky. I mean really, really lucky. At work, in-between my two morning meetings, I took a sneak peek at my Twitter. Imagine to my surprise when I saw this tweet from Lifehacker:

“Don’t write down what you need to buy, write down what you *don’t* need to buy to save some money and reduce clutter: lifehac.kr/wYaqaJ

It sounded like my post How Do Not Need List Can Save You a Buck I wrote way back in January. What the hell, I thought, re-reading Lifehacker’s tweet for the third time, someone is writing about the same stuff I wrote.

I realize that nothing original is being said nowadays on the Internet. I recognize that everything was said and discussed, and presented, and stated a few thousand times. We all use each other’s ideas. We all learn from each other. But I always hope that if anyone steals borrows something from me, at least, this person will put a different spin on my idea.

I clicked on the link to see who was this moron that so blatantly stole my idea. Looking back, I am kind of ashamed of my furious outburst.

Lifehacker, in fact, featured my January post!

Immediately I felt much better. Then I felt a little stupid that I was ready to yell at someone I don’t know. Finally, I got a huge adrenaline rush:  my site was featured on Lifehacker!!!! Needless to say, Friday ended up to be a great day.

I am writing this post on adrenaline. Therefore forgive me for the overuse of exclamation marks.

Reading Salon

When Life Gives You Lemons discusses Six Annoying Work Personalities We Could All Do Without.

Money Beagle advises us to Take Advantage of Spring to Optimize Savings.

Michelle at See Debt Run talks about my favorite topic – shopping – in My First-World Woe.

Making Sense of Cents talks about Money Psychology: Find Your Motivation.

Tackling Our Debt provides quite a few excellent Tips on Living a Frugal Lifestyle.

The Dollar Disciple talks about Financial Independence is Like a Marathon.

Money Cone is discussing Companies I Won’t Do Business With.

Newlyweds on the Budget is Fighting about money.

Money Infant gives us 10 Reasons I Love to Invest in ETF’s.

American Debt Project admits to Lame Stereotypes in Advertising I Am Sick Of Seeing.

Maria at Money Principle talks about About mice, change and other pests: how do you cope?

Marissa at Thirty Six Months explains all you need to know about Tools that help my Blog, and Life Run Better.

Happy Readings! 



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