Reading Salon and February Blog Update

I have a lot of good articles and exciting blog news to share with you, so without any further ado I proceed to

Reading Salon

Your Finances Simplified is asking a very important question Hiring A Financial Planner? 5 Good Reasons Why You Should.

So Over Debt amazes us not only with her writing ability but with her productivity as well in There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet. That someone might help you in the future more than you think. Head over and see for yourself!

Ultimate Smart Money surprises us with Jeremy Lin Rookie Autographed Card Sold for $21,580.00 Really?! Get my autographs today, people. Who knows how much it will be worth in the future.

Retire By 40 contemplates Should we make extra payments on the mortgage? My favorite answer to any question is “It depends.”

Cult of Money talks about his person-to-person lending experiment in P2P – No defaulted loans, and profit baby! Quite an interesting read I should admit.

Black Freelancer shares with us 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to be a Freelancer. Pretty convincing!

Cents To Save exposes Food Waste Friday: These Were Hiding, I Swear with pictures!

One Cent at a Time asks all bloggers a very important question Does Blogging Affect Your Work? I Think So. I have to admit SB made re-evaluate my work behavior!

February Blog Update

I finally became a full-pledged member of Yakezie! My member post is up right now on Yakezie website. Make sure to stop by and say “Hi.” If you are wondering what the hell Yakezie is all about, please read about it here. I can almost guarantee that if you are a blogger, you will consider joining the network at some point of your blogging career.

February was a not just a good month for My Broken Coin, it was an amazing month. I attribute this growth to my wonderful writing… ehh… yes, but mostly to Get Rich Slowly. My guest post was published on February 5, 2012. Look what it did to my blog:

Unique Visitors Count increased by 103%

Pageviews increased by 141%

Twitter Followers increased by 36%

RSS Subscriptions increased by 77%

Email Subscriptions insreased by 94%

Top Five Posts in February

1. 50 Things No One Told Me About America

2. Nine Wardrobe Staples to Consider

3. Spending that I can Afford

4. How Realism and Creativity can Help You to Get Out of Debt

5. 39 Things You Don’t Know About Me (2nd month in a row!)

Top Ten Sites That Sent Traffic My Way

1.  Get Rich Slowly (new!)

2. Google (up from #4)

3. So Over Debt (new!)

4. Cents To Save (new!)

5. Yakezie (down from #2)

6. Twitter (up from #9)

7. Len Penzo ( up from #8)

8. Daily Money Shot (new!)

9. Young and Thrifty ( down from #1)

10. Dollar Disciple (new!)

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14 Responses to “Reading Salon and February Blog Update”

  1. Daisy says:

    Congrats on becoming a Yakezie member! As well as your guest post. Good job!
    Daisy recently posted..Why I Don’t Want to Work for MyselfMy Profile

  2. Excellent progress and thanks for the link
    SB @ One Cent at a Time recently posted..IRA vs 401(k), Should You Rollover?My Profile

  3. I’m glad I could send some traffic your way! Thanks again for hosting my guest post. Congrats on all of your success this past month! I really liked your post on GRS
    Dollar D @ The Dollar Disciple recently posted..Improving Our Communities Through Real Estate InvestingMy Profile

  4. jefferson says:

    Congrats again on your Yakezie membership and your astounding growth, Aloysa!
    jefferson recently posted..How Much Do Your Kids Know About Money?My Profile

  5. Well done on the stats, my friend. Upwards and onwards!
    maria@moneyprinciple recently posted..Breathe out and be: I have a job!My Profile

  6. Michelle says:

    Congrats on becoming a member!
    Michelle recently posted..Monday Meal PlanMy Profile

  7. Great job in Feb!
    It’ll only get better from here. ;)
    Thanks for the mention.
    Joe @ Retire By 40 recently posted..Save Gas By Taking Public TransportationMy Profile

  8. YFS says:

    Thank you so much for adding me!
    YFS recently posted..Are More Bedrooms Better?My Profile

  9. CultOfMoney says:

    Very nicely done! Was the traffic boost from your guest post over at GRS consistent throughout the month, or was it a big pop and a slide back to where you were? I’m curious as I’ve never done a guest post, and I’m wondering what the results of it do. And congratulation on being a full member, that great!
    CultOfMoney recently posted..Couples Strategy for building wealth and saving moneyMy Profile

    • Aloysa says:

      After my GRS post the traffic spiked for about three days, then it fell but not to my normal levels. It was slightly above. Actually, it gave me a good bump and I did not go back to my old levels since.

  10. Today I was going through the comments made to the latest post in Yakezie (I am new to Yakezie) and to me one commentator was really very visible. It were you Aloysa. It showed your genuine interest and that’s why I came to your blog. I am really happy to find your site.
    Get Rich Point recently posted..DOD can haunt you to the point of commiting suicideMy Profile

  11. Excellent news – things are starting to fall into place. This will be a big year for you.
    John @ Married With Debt recently posted..Frugal Living: Easy Ways to Save MoneyMy Profile

  12. Google seems to be nice to now. I’m happy to see that my post brought it traffic! :) and 103% increase?! Holy! Congrats!
    Marissa @ Thirty Six Months recently posted..Starting to invest.My Profile

  13. Thanks so much for the shout out, friend! :)
    Andrea @SoOverDebt recently posted..Quick Debt UpdateMy Profile

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