It is called buyer’s remorse, and it used to be my best friend for many years. Are you familiar with the feeling that slowly turns from euphoria into a queasy sensation of concern, guilt and self-doubt? Do you hear a haunting voice in your head that says “Why did you buy that? You act like… (26 comments)

I never thought about feminism as a movement or even as a word till the year I moved to the U.S. In 2000 a clueless me joined the Women’s Studies program because I won a scholarship. Back then I did not know that Women’s Studies was not the most popular program at the university, and… (37 comments)

Do you have a personal mission statement? How about a financial mission statement? I have neither of these. I do know, somewhat vaguely, what my life’s journey is supposedly all about. But my financial destination is not clearly defined. Theoretically my life is a journey to my debt free future, hopefully comfortable and financially secure… (30 comments)

Welcome to the 17th Yakezie Blog Swap. This time my fellow bloggers and I shared our Best Budget Travel Tips. As always, I was amazed at what people came up with and shared. Please check out the different tips below on how you too can save money while travelling: One Cent at A Time shares with us 8 Green Travel… (1 comment)

Beaker talks about Women’s Liberation movement, what manhood means, and explains why he is okay with me making more money than he does. My story “Why I Lied About Money” made him want to write this post. This is his point of view… I truly believe that we are a product of our environment. I grew… (26 comments)