Can you pay your Taxes with a Credit Card?
So you’ve just received your tax bill and shockingly, it’s much larger than you had anticipated. In fact, there’s no way that you’ll be able to pay it off any time soon. Yikes. With the due date looming ever closer, and knowing about all the nasty things the IRS can do to you, you can’t… (0 comment)

How to stop IRS Wage Garnishment
Of all the nasty things the IRS can do to delinquent taxpayers, an IRS garnishment is one of the worst. It’s particularly menacing because the IRS hits you where it hurts the most: By grabbing at your fresh and hard-earned wages. Wages that were meant to pay for school trips, healthcare or even a decent… (0 comment)

I’ve often raved on this site that Community Tax is one of the most honest and American companies that I know of. In this review, I’ve summarized all of my research on Community Tax in one place so that you can choose if they’re right for you. If you’ve followed my site, you’d have come… (0 comment)

IRS Audit Penalties for Tax Fraud vs Honest Mistake
The IRS tax code is something people are very well aware of, but very few can grasp completely. That’s why many individuals don’t know whether they’ve committed frauds without even knowing or not. Fraud and tax evasion are notions everybody has to be familiar with, since tax fraud and tax evasion penalties are manifold, coming… (0 comment)

Getting High Returns with P2P Investing
The following is a guest post: Many investment management firms began telling their investors in 2016 that they could expect returns below 5 percent after factoring in inflation for the next 10 years. If you’re like other investors, numbers that low probably have you wondering what other options are available that may make better use… (0 comment)