Making Profitable Forex Trading Decisions

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The more established and experienced Forex traders often put their successes down to making profitable Forex trading decisions in the absence of emotion. For those new to the world of trading Forex, it can be difficult to let go of the inherent excitement involved in trading on one of the largest markets in the world.

Whilst there is no set formula to making profitable trading decisions, there are ways to protect your investments and ensure the continued survival of your Forex trading account. Experienced Forex traders know not to judge their success on profits alone but on the survival of their account and limitation of their losses.

If you are new to Forex trading (like me), it is essential to start off small. Invest with small accounts and small amounts which will help to limit your losses. By starting with smaller amounts, Forex traders can increase the size of their accounts through organic gains as opposed to greater deposits that would expose them to greater risks. Your account size should be based on your expectations as well as your knowledge of the Forex markets. Different Forex brokers will offer different Forex packages such as FXCM that may be of greater benefit to your than others. In order to make trading decisions, it is vital that you select and account type that is tailored to your needs. Look for a broker that offers a range of account types to suite different Forex trading methods and habits.

Low leverage is also advised for beginners as they feel their way through their developing Forex trading strategy and the market’s own volatility. By minimising the risk, Forex traders have a better chance at future success so it helps to remain cautious from the onset of any trading career.

Forex traders make decisions based on what they understand of their chosen currencies and of the Forex market as a whole. Therefore, it is only sensible to assume that a successful trading decision arises from greater knowledge of Forex trading. Many beginners will choose to focus on a single currency pair in order to increase their knowledge at an accelerated rate, albeit within a smaller confine. By restricting trading activity to a single currency pair, learners can become confident in their trading decisions as they begin to master the kinds of financial activity that occur daily.

Experienced Forex traders know the perils of acting upon gut instinct and hearsay. Trading on the news can land Forex traders in hot water if they make trading decisions based on flimsy evidence. By looking for a five alarm trade, focusing on indicators and knowing your market, Forex traders can make successful trading decisions that limit their losses.


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  • I dabbled in Forex a few years ago, using an account with fake money to practice first.

    Seemed an awful lot like gambling to me. At least with a stock, you have all the fundamentals of the company at your finger tips so it’s easier to make a decision about the target price. With a currency pair, I have no idea.

    Still, it was interested until I lost all my fake money 🙂

  • This topic falls firmly into the “I really don’t understand” category. Thanks for explaining it.

  • I leave forex trading to the big boys. Smaller players like me can make a decent living on some exchanges, particularly stocks. With forex trading, there is so much bait and switch manipulation going on by the major market players that it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s sucker bait with each piece of price action.

  • So, you would like to venture on Forex trading? Or you might be someone who has been in the trade but has experienced losing your money just because you are not able to use the best Forex robot to man your trading decisions.

  • You have to chose the right strategy!


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