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Launching H.E.R. Newsletter

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I am launching my own newsletter which I named H.E.R. If you have not noticed it yet, take a look to the left sidebar. Do you see a bright green sign-up form? What’s taking you so long? Subscribe, already!

All right, I am not really THAT pushy.

Four Reasons Why I Decided to Have a Newsletter

I’ve been building a relationship with my readers since October of 2011. I would like to strengthen this relationship and improve it.

I am also hoping to reach out to a different readership as well. Not everyone uses RSS feeds (some don’t even know what it is.) Not everyone uses Twitter. Not everyone reads My Broken Coin. However, I hope that some of those who stumble upon my site will like it enough to subscribe to my newsletter.

A newsletter, hopefully, will build trust. I am going to disclose more personal information about myself, my finances, my family. Maybe even my work. I will try to create a personal and close environment.

I would like to build a community around my newsletter: a small or big, but definitely close, personal finance community.

H.E.R. is going to add a different dimension to blogging.

H.E.R. is Honest. Exposed. Relevant.

Honest – I’ve been nothing but honest on this blog, and I will continue this trend in my newsletter.

Exposed – I am very open with my readers. If you don’t believe me, read my Mail-Order Bride series.

Relevant – I am a personal finance blogger, after all, so H.E.R. newsletter will mostly be about personal finance.

Why You Should Subscribe

First, I am going to try to bribe you by giving away $25 Paypal cash to one lucky subscriber in July. If you subscribe to my newsletter by July 15th, you will be entered into H.E.R. giveaway. Those who already subscribed will be included in this as well!
The winner will be announced in the July 17th issue.

Everything that I am going to cover in H.E.R. will never be posted on My Broken Coin. I am going to share all the best tips and tricks on saving money, paying off debt, shopping smart, traveling cheap and so on. I might provide a market outlook. Surprised about a market outlook section? In my line of work I watch the market closely. I just never talk (and never will) about it on My Broken Coin.

H.E.R will not make your eyes glaze over. It will be short, concise, and, hopefully, entertaining and useful enough for you to stick around.

It is once a month, sometimes twice a month newsletter. I am not going to spam your email box. Not my style and, definitely, not my intention.

Still not convinced? Use the form below, subscribe to H.E.R. and see for yourself.

I will never sell your information. I respect your privacy. Remember, you can always unsubscribe.

First issue of H.E.R will be out July 17th, 2012!



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