How To Have a Budget Fancy Dress Party

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This is a guest post.

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Regardless of the occasion, organising a party can be quite expensive, or can it? If you’re planning a party for your friends, your partner or kids, you’ll want to try and keep costs to a minimum, especially if you’re thinking about having fancy dress outfits for everyone to wear. It’s possible to make savings on everything you need for the party, from the outfits and entertainment right down to the food and drink.

Perhaps the most expensive items for any fancy dress party are the costumes themselves. To try and save money on the outfits, you could either look around for the cheapest ones available, rent them instead of buying permanently or, if possible, you could make them yourself.

Some outfits such as Halloween costumes can be made using materials like black cloth, card and even garbage bags, costing a fraction of the price of a normal costume.

Food is something that you can make significant savings on without having less available for everyone to eat when they arrive. You could, for example, buy supermarket own brand food instead of food from big brands like Coca-Cola and Nestle. Also, you could use cheaper ingredients to make dips, sauces, sandwiches, snacks and canapés without your guests knowing the difference.

Something else worth considering is preparing food like salad yourself instead of buying pre-mixed bags from supermarkets, which can be expensive.

As for entertainment, there are a number of games which you can play that won’t cost you a thing. You could play games such as ‘hide and seek’, have a treasure hunt in your home or, if you have any, play one of your board games. As all of these are free to do, it means that, if you have any money left, you can put it towards something else for the party.

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  • If you have a limited budget for a fancy dress party then I would make the costume myself, nothing cheaper and some fabric and pretty decorations. That would be my idea unless you are thinking of going as iron man!


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