If you’re an accountant, then one crucial aspect of your job is finding and retaining new clients. Usually, during the tax season it’s not hard to do this, but what about the rest of the year? Well, one man is dedicated to helping local accountants and CPAs find clients by using various tactics that will… (0 comment)

Some people use the words Intrapreneur and entrepreneur interchangeably not knowing that they refer to different people. An intrapreneur is an insider to a company who applies unique skills, forward thinking, and entrepreneurial vision to their position within the enterprise they work for. An entrepreneur on the hand is an individual who tries to solve… (0 comment)

5 Ways to Make Extra Money
Hello. Are you currently in a lot of debt? Are you in dire need of a vacation, but can’t seem to afford it? There are a lot of people in your situation. Some folks complain and never attempt to change their circumstances. Other people do what they have to do. They figure out ways to… (0 comment)

Earning Passive Income Through Writing Essays
Writing is an art form, and writing essays is a highly specialized discipline of writing. For many crafting an essay is an extremely tall order. And this is especially true for students. Forced into the crucible that is school, students must juggle learning, homework, extracurricular activities, family life and social life. Unfortunately, the majority of…

Fall is always one of the most cost-intensive seasons of the year. First, there is this inevitable closeness of the school preparations. And all parents know, it can be quite expensive. And then Thanksgiving comes right around the corner. So a question of extra cash is as relevant as ever.  Here are some creative and…