Until now, most financial experts have asked you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and expect your retirement investments grow every year at a steady rate. No daydreams, no picnic to things-will-not-go-wrong-somehow place. Those experts are very clear about getting your money in balance after retiring, even if the investments are on… (1 comment)

Financial regulations are always put in place with the intention of lending further transparency to decision making processes. However, the eventual results do not always mirror the initial vision. Although providing a new breed of qualified investment advice may help investors avoid financial pitfalls, many individuals are now distancing themselves from this prepaid and often… (2 comments)

The EURUSD Chart is one of the most popular for foreign currency exchange. These currencies are used the most in global commerce. The EUR USD Forex Chart is the ratio of the value between the two currencies. A Brief History of United States Dollar The Dollar goes back to 1750 Prussia (Germany) when it was… (3 comments)

This is a guest post by my friend and a blogger Kyle Taylor. Kyle blogs at www.ThePennyHoarder.com, a daily blogs with 100’s of weird and wacky ways to make extra money. Make sure to stop by his blog and say “hi.” Every day millions of Americans sit down to watch game shows and reality shows.  Unfortunately… (11 comments)

This is a guest post. Choosing to invest in today’s economic climate can be risky business. On one hand, the market can be volatile even on the best of days. On the other hand, this means that sharp gains can be made in a shorter time period than usual. Another factor that is driving more…