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7 Bits of Insurance You Need to Know About

Travel Insurance

After spending hard earned cash and lots of time planning your perfect holiday, it’s time to think about getting some travel insurance. Yes, I know it’s not a very exciting thing to think about, but it is just as essential as booking flights and accommodation. If you are planning on saving money, then don’t opt for the cheapest policy, instead,… Read more »

The Best Travel Secret Ever? Off-Peak Travel.

This post is part of Yakezie blog swap #17. Members of the Yakezie Personal Finance Blogging Network pair up and exchange guest postings on a common topic. The topic of this blog swap was to discuss the best budget travel idea. Jana is the owner and writer of Daily Money Shot, a personal finance site (and one of my favorite blogs!) that discusses money at the intersection… Read more »

Under Beaker’s Microscope: an American in Europe

Beaker, my husband, starts a new monthly series called Under Beaker’s Microscope.  Not so long ago I asked him to write a post on how it feels for an American to visit Europe. He wrote. When I read it, I was not sure how to react. I leave it up to you! Enjoy and don’t take anything personally. I was born and… Read more »

The Most Expensive Six Hour Layover I Ever Had

In September Beaker, my husband, and I traveled to Lithuania, the country where I was born, raised and lived till the tender age of 26. We flew American Airlines all the way from Salt Lake City to Helsinki, Finland. There we had a six hour layover before getting on a small Finnair plane to fly to Vilnius, the capital of… Read more »