Splurging: How To Stop Before You Drop
We all love to shop. In fact, it’s encouraged in our consumerist society. It only makes sense that we go out and spend whenever we have spare money, as we’re constantly told that we should be. Even if it’s too much hassle to walk down the high street anymore, the internet has made it easier… (0 comment)

Is Hoarding The New Frugal?
One of my friends has three closets full of clothes and shoes (no, I am not talking about myself.) In fact, my friend is a very frugal person: she counts every penny, she evaluates every purchase, and she does her research before she decides to buy anything whether it is a car or a pair… (27 comments)

There are many temptations in everyday life to spend money. We are surrounded by adverts for cars, holidays, food, clothing and electronics with promises that owning any or all of these items will make life happier and more fulfilling. It’s important though to not overspend when looking to make any purchase – whether it be…

Utah. Dry summers. Cold winters. Snowy mountains. Expensive ski resorts. Utahns love their snow so much that they claim to have “The Best Snow on Earth.” I can argue with this statement. To say something like this means you are way too arrogant to my liking. Personally, I think the best snow on Earth is… (4 comments)