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What You Need to Know When Borrowing Money

As the saying goes, when it comes to money, there are friends, family and fools. That said, it’s important to understand that borrowing money is serious whether you are asking a friend for a favor or if you are going to the bank to get a loan. US consumer debt is hovering around over $11 trillion per year. If you need to borrow money, be aware that debt is a by-product but as long as you are informed, you can borrow money and pay it back. Make use of these tips when you are planning to borrow money:

Stick to a repayment schedule:(…)

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The Sadistic Side of Santa

I know, I know: the Holidays are over; it is time to move on.

My Christmas was gloomy and snowy. I did not get to see Le Miserables because it was all sold out. I did not know that people like to go to movies on Christmas. We did not go cross-country skiing because it was snowing. New Year’s Eve passed by in a blur of faking holiday cheer and being obnoxious to people.

Before I finally forget the holidays and do move on, I want to talk about re-gifting. Specifically, I want to ask you to please stop re-gifting me some(…)

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Sleep on the Pavement, Piss in a Bottle

I am not going to talk about camping equipment. Or tents. Or camping trailers. I want to discuss people who camp out in front of businesses. If you have spent hours, days and nights in front of your local Apple store waiting for an iPhone 5, you should stop reading now because the rest of this post might offend you. Deeply.

Trader Joe’s opened it’s doors in Salt Lake City a few days ago. On the way home from work I passed by hundreds of people camping out in a semi-organized line in front of the store. People were anxiously waiting(…)

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How I Spent $300 on Wicked Parents, a Sick Child and a Slurpie

A few weeks ago, in August, we went to see Wicked.

The first time Wicked came to Salt Lake City, the tickets sold out within twenty minutes. This year, when Wicked arrived into town, I was not holding my breath. But surprises happen when you expect them the least. One day I stumbled upon an advertisement on the Internet that said Wicked tickets were still available.

Wicked Coma

Without any hesitation I paid $300 for two tickets. The seats were great: mezzanine, front row, center. The night of the performance Beaker and I had a great dinner, and bursting with food and anticipation(…)

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How Much Money Are We Supposed to Spend on Friends?

Friends. My biggest monetary pet peeve lately. Nowadays it is not easy to be a good friend. Nor it is cheap anymore.

I have a complicated relationship with most of my friends. We all have different hobbies, views and goals. Somehow we all manage to stay friends.

Let’s see. I like staying home. I hate exercise. I love reading and writing. Most of my friends like to go out clubbing. They are fitness obsessed and big camping lovers. Me? Not so much. I love hotels, fluffy pillows and hot showers. We are quite different indeed.

Then we have birthday party disagreements. All the(…)

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French Toast in Alaska

Vacation. Alaska. Cruise. Right.

That odd feeling I got in the beginning of our cruise is not fading away. From day one I felt that we are in some odd dimension where we are forced into a small, inadequate space with mean spirits instead of people. That’s what confinement on a ship does to you: your world shrinks, your obnoxious side comes out, and nothing else matters.

What People Repeatedly Like to Do On a Cruise

Cut in front of you in the main dining room line to be seated. A family of five walked in front of the line, pushed us to(…)

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Why Personal Finance Blogs Became a Cliché

What topics are trending nowadays in the personal finance blogosphere? Let’s see:

Steps on how to get out of debt;
To pay off debt or save for an emergency;
How to save on utilities;
What is more efficient a debt snowball or snowflake (would anyone like a snow shovel?)
Why saving for retirement is important;
How to stick to a budget.

The more I read, the less I believe that not eating out will increase my retirement savings and will help me stick to the budget while saving on utilities. You get the picture, right?

I believe that because of the enormous surplus, the constant flood of so(…)

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