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Paying for your Car

Congratulations, you’ve bought a new car! Now the question is, what is the best way to pay for the loan you had to take out to get it? The answer to that question depends on your financial situation. However, the quicker you can pay off the loan, the better you will be. As long as you have a balance on your loan, it will be racking up interest charges and costing you more and more money.

One way to repay your car loan is in one lump sum payment. Has your tax return come in? Has some other large sum of(…)

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How Using Car Insurance Quotes Can Save You Money

Some people look on line for the best insurance quotes thinking that it will save them money, while others will actually sit down with an insurance agent to discuss their personal situation and find out what their options are. The benefit to sitting down with an agent over researching online is that online you may not get the best deal or see all of the discounts that you may be entitled too. In the next few paragraphs, we will give you some tips and ideas to consider that will show you how using car insurance quotes can save you money.(…)

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Traveling on a Shoe String Budget

Every once in a while we all sit down to read the news and halfway through reading the negative headlines and constant devastation, we think, “that’s it. I need a vacation!” For some people, the sudden need for a vacation is easily met. For the rest of us, it takes scrimping and saving up—which is hard when most of our budgets are already stretched as far as we can possibly get them to stretch. But what if you really need to get away?

Here are some tips to help you travel as extravagantly but still as cheaply as possible.

Credit Cards

Credit cards(…)

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Do Pricing Practices Influence Consumer Choices?

“Buy three and get one for free!” “Today only: 40% off!” “Get five for $5!” Do these sound familiar? They probably do! But this is not a surprise: pricing is not just the action of sticking a price tag on a given product. Pricing is actually part of the whole marketing and retailing processes. Not only do companies and retailers want to sell the things they produce and put on their shelves by advertising them and making them easily available, but they also give a fairly important share of attention to choosing how to price their items in order to(…)

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Remote Access and Cloud Collaboration – How Your Business Can Benefit

Are you still somewhat apprehensive or unsure about implementing cloud computing into your business?  Well, you’re not alone. Cloud conversion is a big decision which needs to be carefully researched and considered. This article discusses remote access and cloud collaboration to assist in your understanding of some ways the cloud can benefit your business.

Every business is concerned about cost savings and return on investment (ROI).  One way many businesses are saving money is by reducing dependence on travel. Remote access, one service provided by IsUtility, allows employees to conveniently retrieve data from anywhere in the world.  So, if a company’s(…)

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Why Some Women Prefer Older Men (Money is Not The Reason)

Daniel Craig makes me weak in the knees. Scratch the word “weak.” My knees feel buttery when I see his blue eyes and stern face. Is it too much information for you? Well, suck it up. I have been attracted to our new James Bond for years…Years! He looks weathered, and at the same time he looks elegant. He looks mature. He looks exquisite. I am going to stop here because this post is not about Daniel Craig, or James Bond, or me or you. This post is about the reasons why women prefer older men.

Top Five Reasons Why Women(…)

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Ten Things You Gain When You Stop Being Cheap

Reason. Yes, you gain reason. You simply stop thinking that you can get a lot of stuff for free. You stop asking to pay $15 for a five star service. You stop insulting people who ask you to pay for their service and deliver ten times more.

Understanding. You stop caring about the price that you going to pay. Instead, you suddenly start to understand the meaning of value of a product or a service. The more you care about something, the more you are willing to spend. Your understanding of things becomes clear.

Consideration. You stop mooching off people. When you(…)

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Why I Don’t Want to Die in Wal-Mart

Black Friday is here and thousands (if not millions) of people are going to hit stores in a wild frenzy to spend money and stock up on clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, stuff for furnishing an apartment … you name it. You would think that Black Friday was specifically created for people like me, big shoppers and fervent spenders. How can a shopping addict forego an abundance of stuff enhanced by early opening hours and seemingly great discounts?

If that’s what you think, brace yourself for a surprise. You are WRONG.

I don’t understand Black Friday. I despise it. I wish it would be banned. It is a consumerist nightmare(…)

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