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Earning Passive Income Through Writing Essays

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Writing is an art form, and writing essays is a highly specialized discipline of writing. For many crafting an essay is an extremely tall order. And this is especially true for students. Forced into the crucible that is school, students must juggle learning, homework, extracurricular activities, family life and social life. Unfortunately, the majority of students are just not adept… Read more »

20 Things Bloggers Should Stop Doing

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Corey from Passive Income to Retire decided to help new bloggers. He issued a Beginner Blogger Challenge that is supposed to help beginner bloggers to navigate the world of blogging. Of course I could not resist joining the challenge because I feel that I might be able to help some new bloggers with a good piece of advice. I’ve been… Read more »

Honestly, Why Do You Blog?

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This article was featured in Carnival of Personal Finance at 20 and Engaged In the past few weeks I have stumbled upon a few articles that seemed to contemplate the same topic but from different angles. Fabulously Broke contemplated the question Is Blogging A Waste of Time? Her blog post led me to discover Single Mom Rich Mom blog post… Read more »

The Comeback

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I’ve been here before: I blogged about personal finance, I networked, I participated in the Yakezie challenge and then I left. A few weeks later I tried to come back but life took over, and I left again. If you are reading this and you remember me (hopefully, you do), you are, probably, thinking Here she is again! If you… Read more »